WARMER MIXTAPES #804 | by Jim Smith [Teeel]

Photos by Albert Rende, Jr.

1. The New Division | Munich
The New Division is one of my top New Artists. These guys capture everything I Love about New Order, Depeche Mode and Joy Division, but put a Contemporary twist to keep things fresh and moving. They blur their sound with songs that range from Synthpop to Chillwave and Progressive Electronic. When I listen to them, it brings me back to my teenage years of driving to the beach and partying in the Summer. I'm always excited to hear a new song from them. Munich is just a perfect ripping Electronic Rock song.

2. Shades | Nooka Galaxy
Shades are on my Synth Records label and they never disappoint. This particular song really sticks out for me because of my interest in the Galaxy. Nooka Galaxy was featured on a label compilation we did for the fashion company NOOKA. The concept was to capture the Sound of the Future. It's Dark, Mysterious Lush and extremely Catchy. Whenever I listen to this song, I imagine floating in Space and I can't help to not sing along. I think they nailed it.

3. Empire Of The Sun | I'll Be Around
This song stands out on the new Empire Of The Sun's Ice On The Dune album. Generally, Empire Of The Sun go for the four-on-the-floor Indie Dance track, but this songs pulls back to a Romantic Electronic Love song. The Guitar work reminds me of the early 80s Reverb and Chorus tones that were made popular by The Cure. The vocals are overly saturated with distant Reverb, but glue the track together. I imagine laying in a golden field with my wife and watching the Sun set. Beautifully done.

4. Joy Division | Shadowplay
I'm a big Joy Division fan. They were rebels of Darkness, they were different, but could still write catchy Rock songs most people can groove to. Every time I listen to this song, I picture myself dressed in black leather from head to toe and cruising down a long desert road on a motorcycle. It's just bad ass. Ian was a Rock God and will be missed. The Drums and Guitar are raw and dirty and, of course, the Classic picked Bass Guitar sound from Peter Hook is straight chugging. You can't get tougher than this.

5. Mr.Kitty | Unstable
I've become obsessed with the infectious sound from Mr.Kitty. His new take on Electro Synth Pop is driving, catchy, and some of the best songs I've heard from an up-and-coming artist. His slick Production techniques and ability to write hit after hit amazes me. I imagine this song being huge in Europe. Maybe an underground German nightclub with sweaty people grinding bodies and singing along? So damn good.

6. Miami Horror | Moon Theory
Miami Horror can't write a bad song. Disco-influenced Dance tracks with beautiful Vocals, juicy Moog baselines, Wah Guitar, and pounding Drums. They are the Sound of the Summer. I want to get drunk and dance on the beach with my friends to this song until the Sun goes down. Keep the fire pit burning, because it's going to be a long night. The end of the song is so Inspirational too and gives perfect closure to the best night of your life.

7. Depeche Mode | Stripped
This is my All-Time favorite Depeche Mode song. The delayed Vocals, massive Drums, Percussive Slams and Deep Vocals from Dave Gahan makes this a True Classic. Darkness takes hold of my heart as I walk deep into the dreaded forest. There is something Mysterious happening. Is this the soundtrack to the end of the World?

8. Mitch Murder | Montage
Mitch Murder is one of the best Electronic Programmers out there in my book. He's perfectly captured the sounds of 80s cheese films. Montage is a brilliant example of his work. The Drums change from a slow and epic pattern to driving and fast-paced cruiser without a notable difference. He's the king of Drum transitions. I picture an 80s Sylvester Stallone reminiscing about his lost girlfriend as he prepares his homemade weapons to go seek revenge and kill the bad guys.

9. FM Attack | Memorex
Memorex is one of my favorites from Canadian producer, Shawn Ward also known as FM Attack, Attack of the FM Synthesis is exactly what this guy does. Driving Synth Bass, Glassy Reflections from an FM Synth Trickle over his songs with Ease. This 6-minute track is smooth, sexy and makes you want to move. I generally see myself exceeding the Speed limit when I'm listening to his Music in my car. The outrunner Bass gives a nice 80s feel, but the use of newer Drum sounds makes his Music Fresh. Another artist that can't write a bad song and his remixes are just as good.

10. New Order | Regret
It's hard for me to pick a favorite song from New Order, but Regret always gives me chills. They were my soundtrack to my Senior Year in High School. I always get a feeling of Nostalgia when I hear New Order. I lived in London for a month before I went away to College and really found used that time to catch up with Life and figure things out. I was always daydreaming in the park while listening to New Order and felt complete, because I finally made it to Europe. I was enjoying Life and will never forget that moment. Some of the best years of my life.