WARMER MIXTAPES #861 | by Cephas Munga [Blac Hollywood]

1. Kid Cudi | My World (feat. Billy Cravens)
Have you sat down and listened to the lyrics of this song, like, seriously, have you actually given them any thought?... I was too artsy, known to be a clown. I had the lowest self esteem, especially with the girls. I told them I would be the hot shit one day... This song is my entire life up to this point in one song. It's like he followed me all the way through High School.

2. Kanye West | Love Lockdown
It's Kanye West, need I really say more? The drums on this song and his approach to Auto-Tune didn't only make 808s & Heartbreak my favorite Kanye album of all time, but he's honestly changed the way all of Music is now going about using a Pitch correction effect. With one album... Go find me one, just one, other person you know that can do that.

3. The Weeknd | High For This
You and three friends stuck inside a haunted mansion with 2 matches and one old candle stick burning slowly as the Sun sets and the demons seep through the floor cracks of the house. Yes, that is the mental picture this song creates.

4. Wale | W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.
Wale's wordplay and fun loving Lyricism isn't something to laugh at in this track. The dude was a major Trend setter in the way upcoming Hip Hop artists were dressing in late '08.

5. Drake | The Motion (feat. Sampha)
I've always been a fan of Drake, seeing as he's the most versatile artist in the game right now, no one can touch him and everybody wants to be him. If you don't like Drake it's probably because you don't know good Music.

6. Drake | The Calm
Stop rapping about money and all the girls you bring back to your hotel room, that's a word to the wise who want some Longevity in this industry. When I had heard this song back in High School I had fallen in love with this man's ability to speak his mind. He isn't bragging about cars or nothing of the sort, this is pretty much a confession, he's letting his soul bleed in the lyrics.

7. Kanye West | Blood On The Leaves
I think that when you let all your guards down and stop caring, that's when you create the most sensational Music and, without question, that's how I feel about this song.

8. Kid Cudi | Day 'N' Nite (Crookers Remix)
Now my love for Kid Cudi extends quite far seeing as he's a huge inspiration, Kid Cudi all the way. When this song came out he really showed us how easily it was for Rap and EDM to meet.

9. Kid Cudi | All Along
Anytime I'm feeling down and out or really depressed, this is the go to song. So just emotion on this song.

10. Wiz Khalifa | The Race
There's something about this track that makes one's Passion for Music and Drive to have it all not far from a Reality. Wiz manages to rap about his come up in an interesting way. His knack for Song Writing and his ear for beat selection is something I truly admire.