WARMER MIXTAPES #862 | by Peter Lawlor [REPLETE]

1. Lakker | Arc
This is one of my favourite tracks of last year. I just really love the atmosphere throughout and the Synth line that builds from underneath. It’s a joy to mix when I DJ, and I end up throwing it into most sets.

2. Prince And The Revolution | Erotic City ("Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive")
I’m a massive Prince fan. I could have picked any of his tracks, but I thought I’d choose Erotic City, as it’s a bit lesser known, as it’s a B-side from the early eighties. Just a really fun track and contains a lot of what Prince is all about, Funk, high-pitched vocals and sexual innuendo.

3. Mos Def | Auditorium (feat. The Ruler)
This is from one of my favourite Hip Hop records of the last five years, The Ecstatic. For me it’s perfect, great flow from Mos, amazing beat by Madlib and one of the best features I’ve heard from Slick Rick.

4. James Blake | Klavierwerke
I’m a big fan of James Blake. I would pretty much credit his early EPs as the reason I started making Electronic Music, I fell in love with Sparing The Horses and CMYK, but for me my favourite release from him as a whole was the Klavierwerke EP.

5. Burial | Loner
Burial can’t put a foot wrong, in my opinion. He has an uncanny ability of just bringing you into another world almost immediately, as soon as the opening crackles come in, you’re somewhere else, and somewhere you’ve never been, but there’s something very familiar about it. The Familiarity being the Burial sound. There are a lot of imitators, but no one comes close. He’s relentless, release after release just steps it up. The Kindred EP in particular is one of my favourites, and Loner stands out as Burial reaching another level with that Synth Arpeggio and shuffling beat just driving everything forward.

6. Nicolas Jaar | Wouh
It’s always difficult to pick just one track from Nicolas Jaar, as for someone so young; he has an amazing catalogue of releases, consistent releases. I picked Wouh as I came across it relatively recently, even though it’s more than two years old at this stage. I think it was the fifth release from his Clown And Sunset imprint. There’s just something that got me when that side chained kick comes in. It hits you right in the chest. It’s a real Chill track throughout, and when that old Motown sounding sample comes in at the end it brings the track to a whole new level. Really love this track. There’s something very moving about it.

7. Andy Stott | Numb
This is from one of my favourite albums of last year, and one of the most interesting producers around in my opinion. The whole album is great. Numb in particular is completely hypnotizing. The way Stott manipulates and swirls those vocal samples works so well.

8. The Walker Brothers | Love Her (The Everly Brothers Cover)
Think this was The Walker Brother’s second single and the first that Scott Walker sang on. There’s not much I can say about this track. The Instrumentation is great and Scott’s Baritone voice works so well. One of my favourite songs ever.

9. J Dilla | Stop
I literally could have picked absolutely anything from Donuts. It’s obviously one of the most Influential records ever. Stop in particular just grooves so well, I like the vocal sample and how the piano samples just compliment the hook so well. It’s a collage work, a patch work, a perfect piece.

10. Rustie | After Light
This is from an album I just found myself constantly returning to last year. Banger after banger. The whole record is great. For me, After Light caught my attention straight away; with it’s great build up and then just drops into this driving Club banger. Great Synth work and the high-pitched vocals work really well. The song just constantly progresses, it always wants to get to a certain point and you want to get to that point just as much.