WARMER MIXTAPES #884 | by Simon Leyton [Trotika]

1. Julio Bashmore | Battle For Middle You
This track was released in early 2011, at a time when the popular Club Anthems sweeping the Dance floors (in Los Angeles) were Trendy, overly Produced and usualy had a life span of 2 and a half weeks (due to the EDM Culture gaining Popularity in the US and the rise of Superstar DJs) - However the Sound of this track had a strikingly Different Sound: Stripped down, shapely, Funky and Soulful. Coming out of Los Angeles, California - Funky and Soulful elements have always been the thing that caught my attention in a track so after giving Battle For Middle You a listen, I instantly became engulfed into the world of Futuristic/Chicago influenced Bass House Music. This was definitely one of the first tracks that inspired me to explore the deeper spheres of House Music. Julio Bashmore is a super talented DJ/ Producer from Bristol, a town well known for its Urban Music natives, Massive Attack, back in the day Drum & Bass titans, Roni Size, and Portishead.

2. LTJ Bukem & The Peshay | 19.5 (Tom Middleton Liquatech Mix)
Tom Middleton, the House Music wizard throws down on this LTJ Bukem & The Peshay remix as one of the cleanest tracks I've heard in my entire life! The track expands naturally into a deep Atmospheric House Mix with 808 Bass Kicks knocking a fat Groove. Continuous transitions take the vibe to higher levels as the song develops which adds a Natural Quality to Middleton's Production. This is the kind of Theme Music running in my head most of the time so I enjoy listening to it. A great example of how it's done by enlightened House head, Tom Middleton. Respect!

3. Metal Fingers | Arrow Root
Freshest of air from the Madvillian/Hip Hop Producer, MF Doom. A raw Drum Break chopped and cut into some Jazz Piano Keys create a delightful blend of Sounds. Subtle muffle on the Saxophone Sample adds to a Classy Vinyl Era backdrop. All-n-all, Classic track.

4. SBTRKT | Living Like I Do (feat. Sampha)
Future-Garage I suppose? Beautiful Execution of a track using so few Sounds. Deep Chord Stabs, simple Bass line, catchy Lyrics are all the ingredients SBTRKT used for this stripped down masterpiece. Sampha's Soulful Vocals also add to a Dramatic landscape. A+.

5. Mosca | Done Me Wrong
Done Me Wrong has this playful Garage-y Drum Pattern aside a dark Groove which creates a strange yet alluring end result. The Grime Bass Sound is full rounded, voluptuous and ridiculous. The Sound Quality on this track is unbelievable too. I really dig Mosca's choice of Sounds. This track has some Classic House-y transitions such as the Turntable backspin effect before the Chorus drop. Dark, Moody Nighttime Vibes = solid tune Mosca!

6. Paco De Lucía | Entre Dos Aguas (Instrumental)
One of the strongest Compositions from Flamenco Guitar legend, Paco De Lucía. Simple ingredients make up this song: Two Guitars and a pair of Congo Drums. The Guitar is played relaxed, than aggressively and at times proggresses into some Flamenco noodling and goes back and forth, sort of telling a story to the listener. This one will stand the test of Time, for sure. Such a Piece!! Wow.

7. Four Tet | Pinnacles
Old School, Hypnotic, Repetitive House Music Sounds. Cool, calm, and Ambient Grooves create a kind of laid back yet penetrating mood. Jazzy Piano chords arise as the song escalates giving the effect of a Live Band playing out, but with the Classic Mixing Filters thrown on, you can clearly tell a DJ like Four Tet arranged it all together. I can see this fitting for an Ocean's Eleven/Heist type movie.

8. Lustral | Everytime (Nalin & Kane Mix)
Here we have a unique example of Deep Trance (if that genre even exists) - I wasn't old enough to experience the Underground Warehouse Rave Culture of the 90s, however one thing I like to imagine is that DJ Sets back then would send the crowd into a unified Deep Trance-like state. If this was the case, Everytime (Nalin & Kane Mix) served as an absolute Club weapon with its intensely gripping and dark Bass line. The track has some Detroit-Techno elements too with the 909 Open Hi-Hats and rising Synths. Beautiful Execution on the Vocal track, placement, Side Chaining and the Echo and Reverb Control. This remix was one of the first Electronic Dance songs that grew strong on me at young age.

9. Tom Scott With The California Dreamers | Today (Jefferson Airplane Cover)
Revisit of the Original by Jefferson Airplane and sampled by Pete Rock in his track, They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) - Today captures the essence of California. Funky laid back Sax on Top Jazz Chords reflect the nice Weather Condition, the lush hills and cool breeze from the Beach. This record has a raw/Vinyl Sounding finish which adds some Vintage Texture to the West Coast backdrop. I imagine a Classic car cruising a Canyon in Los Angeles on a Sunny day. Unadulterated Jazz Bridge follows the Chorus. Great Driving Music or Nature Hiking Music.

10. Fritz Kalkbrenner | Layer Cake
Reversed or strangely Filtered Loops sweep along a warm and sweet Melody giving an interesting Humanlike Texture and Ambiance. A simple Guitar Riff and Bass line pair for the intimate Melody. Layer Cake is a beautifully composed and mixed song. I don't expect anything less from brother of German Techno boss, Paul Kalkbrenner. This track is Raw Emotion.

+11. Jodeci | Freek'N You (MK Dub)
This track instantly caught my attention with its seductive, juicy Sound made by the one and only, Deep House Jedi, MK. Beefy deep Bass grooving under Jackin' House Swing Drums layered under the sleazy Vocal Sample from Jodeci - Freek'N You along with the notable Organ Pluck Sound from Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On - HOT DAMN. This track is Fire.