WARMER MIXTAPES #885 | by Steven Clarke [Harmful Logic] of OWLzZz

1. Klaxons | Golden Skans 
I had to add this track to the list because it was the Soundtrack to my mid-teen years, I remember buying that album when I was like 14 after School one day and it just blew my mind and I'd go as far to say it shaped my Music Taste for later years. This track is a stand out on the album. The weird Lyrics and the Chorus are just perfect. It's bit of a forgotten gem in my view.

2. Skream | Filth 
Such a Dubstep Classic track, as the whole Brostep fad is dying out tracks like this still hold their own, there’s a few Dubstep tracks I could have added to the list with the likes of Mala and Coki still always in my playlists, but this one is a stand out. It’s still a favourite between me and my friends when pre-drinking before a night out.

3. Double 99 | Ripgroove
Anyone that knows me knows I have a major love for UKG. This track is just such a banger, that Bassline is just amazing. Any day that it's really sunny, get a few bottles of a cider and sit out the back and play some UKG. This will always be on the playlist.

4. bo en & mus.hiba | Winter Valentine (MinMixまろやか) 
Probably my favourite song of 2013. It’s a brilliant collab between two very unique and wonderful Artists. Two Artists with very brilliant unique styles and in the collab their styles met perfectly and beautifully. I find it hard to put in words how great it is. Just listen for yourself and you will know what I mean. Perfect Train Music.

5. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu | PONPONPON
There’s loads of J-Pop songs that came to mind when I made this list, but this is one is my favourite. It's one of the better know J-Pop songs and for good reason. Brilliant Bubble Gum Pop that is just so happy! It’s another brilliant Production by Yasutaka Nakata. I had a Free House for a week when everyone in the house was away on holidays, during that time I became obsessed with this song and that album.

6. Ladytron | Seventeen
Ladytron have been putting out great tunes for so long and this one is by far my favourite tune by them. Has such a cold feel to it which fits perfect with the Repetitive Vocals. It’s a song that never gets old no matter how many times you listen to it.

7. Mount Kimbie | Maybes
One of the Most Beautiful Songs Ever Created in my opinion. I love Chopped Vocals and the drippy Sounds. This song always hits a spot with me, when I listen to it it’s the only thing that matters at the time. Seeing it Live is just as amazing. I seen them play it twice this summer and it was just amazing.

8. The Cure | The Walk
Just another Classic tune by The Cure, I love the New Wave vibes with Robert Smith's Vocals. Just another brilliant 80’s song.

9. The Art Of Noise | Moments In Love
I love this song so much, everything from the Down Tempo Beat to the Vocals. The song has such a soothing, calming effect on me. I could listen to it for hours upon hours.

10. Sabrepulse | Hardwar
As a massive fan of 8-Bit/Game Music, I’ve always been a massive fan of most of Sabrepulse’s works. The amazing Glitchy Breakcore feel to the song mixed with a dark eerie feel works perfectly. I used to always listen to this doing my homework back in my School days... Probably not the best song to listen to when you’re trying to focus.