WARMER MIXTAPES #886 | by Giorgio Bacchin [Raw M.T.]

1. Dee Dee Brave | Mookies Bio
Such a Classic!!! It hurts! There's nothing more to say about this record! Simple Beauty!

2. Persian | Feel Da Vibe
It's an old record, which was repressed last year! I've heard it for the first time on the Fabric Mix from Four Tet! It's always on my bag!!

3. Huerco S. | Cercy
This is one of my favorite records of 2013!! I love Huerco S., I really feel his Music! And this one is really special for me.

4. Rio Padice | Insenature (feat. Massimo Di Lena)
Tropical Interlune... This time I've decided to talk about an entire Album, from my favorite Italian producer Rio Padice. It was released few months ago on his own label! It's for sure one of the best album of the year!!

5. Greg Beato | Untitled (A2 from CCCP 03)
Raw as a fuck!!!!! How could I not talk about Greg... I've asked him personally about 2 remixes for my upcoming release on Wicked Bass, and I'm really proud of them! Actually he's very rude, but I love him for it! This track is a very simple House Loop which seems recorded more than 10 years ago! And this is what I like from this guy! He's still making Classics in 2013!!! Big up for Greg!!

6. Florian Kupfer | Feelin
A Sentimental track recorded using a Cassette!! The Mental Vocal on it is something incredible and I love the Atmosphere! L.I.E.S. Records always hits!!!

7. The Analogue Cops | Why You Love Me
This is their best Loop (and one of my favorite tracks) Ever! I know personally Domenico! He's very humble, and I like the way he works. This track is simple, but all the elements stay perfectly together!

8. Super_Collider | Darn (Cold Way O' Lovin')
He he... That's my secret weapon! I was fuckin' on Web and I've found it! It makes the Crowd mad!

9. Jay Daniel | No Love Lost
Scorpio Rising... It's perfect for the floor! Out on Theo's Sound Signature... Love the Percussions! Don't miss it.

10. Theo Parrish | Took Me All The Way Back
From the Detroit School of Music and Passion! This one always makes me cry! Ahah, naah, I'm joking, but it's very, very beautiful! And it's, of course, one of my favorite Ever! Detroit shit is always Special! And Theo Parrish is the Master!!!!!

+11. DJ Qu | The Way (feat. Peven Everett & Josh Milan)
This is Pure Magic! Such a big collaboration between 3 big heads! DJ Qu, Peven Everett and Josh Milan on the same song! Want it at my Funeral!

+12. Round Two | New Day (Club Vocal Mix)
Maurizio and Mark Ernestus! I can't describe the beauty of this one! I will never stop to listen it! PERFECTION!