WARMER MIXTAPES #961 | by Frank Wright of RAD FRÜ and Blaenavon

1. Herbie Hancock | Watermelon Man (Head Hunters Version)
But also the Takin' Off version because it also has a great Strut to it. My Soundcheck Baseline, lets the ladies know what's up. Hopefully one day I'll recreate the Beer Bottle Intro.

2. Neil Young | Alabama
Dense, Cast Iron Music that Smells like Oak. Makes me think of my dad because we listened to Harvest an awful lot when I was younger.

3. Kairos 4tet | V.C.
Super cool Modalish piece that is Always Pushing Forward, so Rhythmically Satisfying.

4. The Doors | Riders On The Storm
Into this house we're born. A Rhodes being played is one of the Richest Sounds there is, and this Jazzy, Cowboyey Guitar Tone is another of them.

5. Los Porcos | Jesus Luvs U Baby
These boys know how to party. 7 piglets lace Chilled Disco with sugary Love. I did a Remix for their single Sunshine, with the help of a gnarly Groove from Bisque (see Rad Frü). Caledonia has got a good thing going on.

6. The Cinematic Orchestra | Familiar Ground (Solid Steel Version)
The first time I heard this song, it felt like I had been listening for hours. Fontella Bass's warm choices of Melodies Sound so Intentional and Homely.

7. Lou Reed | Walk On The Wild Side
Hearing Herbie Flowers on Double Bass and Fretless pushing and pulling creamy Tones in opposite directions probably made me want to start playing Basses. Transformer is definitely one of my most played records, and Satellite Of Love is probably one of my Favourite Songs Ever.

8. David Bowie | Five Years
To be played at Maximum Volume is printed on the back of this record. It seems stupid to pick just one track from  The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars, but this one is especially great. The same applies to number 7 on the list.

9. Gayngs | The Gaudy Side Of Town
Max Chiller. I could listen to this Drummer all night. Everything on this track Sounds so Sexy.

10. Daft Punk | Voyager
The Tasty Honey-like Timbre of that Harp just makes me wanna Lick Warm Steel. Discovery was my 2nd ever CD, and Homework my 3rd, but I only listened to HW once and then hid it because it scared me.

+11. Four Tet | Love Cry
Everything is Clear and Wonderfully Processed, but it also has a Rad Homemade Vibe. Like how a cake tastes better because mum made it.

+12. Ennio Morricone | The Ecstasy Of Gold (The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This piece is a 24 Carat Wonder!! I used to be obsessed with Cowboys and especially Cowboy Films, so listened to a lot of Morricone and whistled a lot.