WARMER MIXTAPES #960 | by Felix Nyajo [salute]

1. inc. | The Place
I've only known this song for a couple of days, yet I can safely say that it is one of the Best Songs I've Ever Heard. Absolutely Serene Vibes, a graciously Soulful Voice and a very catchy Instrumental - it really does not take a lot to make a great song. The Lyrics are great, too - the that is when I'm at my best, nothing more, nothing less bit gets me every time. The fact that the track seems to be Happy and slightly Melancholic at the same time - it even feels like a Love song - makes it even better. I am also a huge sucker for Trappy Drums.

2. Knxwledge | wntwrk
Hell of a Tear-Inducing track. Incredibly Warm... The Strings that come in are absolutely Ethereal. Knxwledge flips Samples like a gawd. Literally everything about this track is perfect... I often have this track on Loop during long journeys. Those Vocals? Damn. I can only guess the Lyrics, but the Texture and Melody are Mercilessly Sexy. I first heard this track in the Summer of 2012 and it has never left me. I can remember accidentally coming across it and sitting there with my mouth open for a minute and a half. This will definitely always be one of my Favourite Hip-Hop Instrumentals of All Time.

3. DE$iGNATED | Valentine (feat. Kyiki) (Kyogi Remix)
The definition of a good Remix. I think this may be the best Remix that came out this year... In my opinion anyway. The main Melody is incredibly catchy, don't think anyone could quite manage to get it out of their heads. The Vocals Chops... They make me feel some type of way. I can remember hearing the Intro for the first time and going good Lord when the Lead came in. Kyogi is an incredibly talented individual, I can see him going places next year. Next Level Vibes. I like playing this Remix at the end of my sets, puts everyone in a good mood.

4. Flight Facilities | Stand Still (feat. Micky Green) (Wave Racer Remix)
This one speaks for itself, really. Unreal Work. Wave Racer smashed it yet again. There's not much I can say other than the fact that I Love this Remix to bits. It Sounds like Rainbows, Lollipops, Ice Cream and a very Sunny day at the Beach with a Boombox. That scene would be perfect for this piece, I think.

5. Alizzz | Collapse VIP
As if the Original wasn't already sick enough... Alizzz went and made a Heart-Wrenching Version of a Painfully Euphoric track. It is incredibly Atmospheric, might as well be the Soundtrack to someone Freefalling over a very troubled Ocean. The first time I heard this tune was when Alizzz performed it Live in Austria a while ago. The Melodies instantly rang a bell and I knew it as a Rework of Collapse. It really messed with my mood and nearly made me feel emotional. Collapse VIP is definitely an eyes closed sort of track.

6. AWE | Crystals
I Love Epic Sounding tracks. This is one very Epic Sounding track. I remember hearing it for the first time and being completely blown away. The Chord Progression is just so touching... And the Lead Melody - really does not explaining. The Synths remind me of something Vangelis would write. In fact, this track sounds like Modern Day Vangelis. Trust me. Crystals is incredibly Emotional and Stupidly Warm. It blows me away every time I hear it.

7. Chvrches | Lies (Lxury Remix)
Chords. Need I say more? One of the catchiest House tracks I've come across this year. The Original is superb, this Remix takes it to the next level. I've played this Remix a million times and cannot see myself tiring of it. If I played a lot of House in my sets, this would definitely be one to play Live. Pure Euphoria.

8. Canblaster | I Think About U
Emotional. While the first half of the track relaxes and caresses your mind, the second half turns into something incredibly Tear Provoking and Lush. The Repetitive Vocals ingrain the entire track into your head. I play this track in my DJ Sets a lot, it works a treat. It works in two ways; it can lift up a crowd or scatter hearts, depending on the context it is being played in. One of the best tracks to come out this year.

9. Stwo | Work
This yung killa has taken the Internet by storm this year... Unsurprisingly. Work has a Surreal vibe - Simple, but Effective. This is my most listened to track during revision and I cannot see that changing. The Warmth of the Bassline makes the track even more beautiful. The slight oscillation of the Main Synth in the Second Section is amazingly sexy. As always, Stwo crafted those Chords amazingly.

10. Disclosure | You & Me (Flume Remix)
Incredible. The Drop is one of the Most Impactful Seconds of Audio I Have Ever Heard. The way the Synth springs into your face and proceeds to put a smile on your face... And those immense Drums. There's no way anyone couldn't Love this track. It is extremely impressive. I wish I could go to a Flume show to see him play this Live. The vibes in this are no joke at all.