WARMER MIXTAPES #972 | by Søren Diers Højgaard [HoiGard]

1. Trentemøller | Into The Trees (Serenetti Part 3)
This is one of my Favorite Tracks of All Time and clearly my first choice in this Imaginary Mixtape. It is filled with little Sounds and Details that no other Artist can match. One of the core reasons why I Love Electronic Music is because of Trentemøller and Into The Trees. It takes Concentration to Listen to the Details, but you can also just relax and enjoy the bumpy Electronic ride he gives you.

2. Stealers Wheel | Stuck In The Middle With You
This is a more Groovy and Laid Back song. It simply is a great track. This song shows that a Musical Piece can be enjoyable without any larger plan or perspective. It's just 3 minutes of Fun and Enjoyment. Music should never be too serious and this shows why. Fun and Games is a big part of Music and Life, this song is the embodiment of that.

3. Nick Drake | From The Morning
Nick Drake is a great Artist. The whole album Pink Moon is fantastic. I Love From The Morning because it really is as simple as it gets. Just him and his Guitar. He delivers so many emotions with so little effort. I think that's the one of the main ambitions for every Artist in the World.

4. Nina Simone Vs. Lulu Rouge | Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair
A perfect combination of Old and New. Lulu Rouge was the Artist that introduced me to the Idea of Taking Something Old or Scratched and Use It In Something New and Creative. It gives Life to the Old and reinvents the New.

5. Bonobo | Black Sands
Electronic Music doesn't always have to be Deep Base and Drops every other minute. Black Sands is a wonderful and sweet proof of that. It gives Hope that Electronic Music can be pulled in another direction and away from the more Drop heavy EDM tracks. You listen to almost the same thing for 7 minutes, but you don't mind it because the core of the track is so solid. To accomplish that shows Pure Mastery as an Artist.

6. Onra | I Wanna Go Back
The combination of Asia and Modern Hip Hop Beats just gives me chills. I think you get the best results if you combine the best of both worlds. The gritty and Repetitive Music just matches the Asian component so well. His choice in Instruments is also amazing. Many Artists just re-use the same Instruments or pick some at random. Onra always uses the right ones and the least amount. This is also something I am trying to learn myself.

7. Trentemøller | Miss You (Trentemøller Remix)
Trentemøller is on my list twice because he is my favorite Artist. He has been for many, many years. This track reminds me of Roskilde Festival for a couple of years ago when he played on the Main Stage (Orange Stage). Perfect combination between Adrenaline and Elegance. Live or not, this guy really knows how to make Music.

8. Four Tet | Lion (Jamie xx Remix)
Jamie xx has a value that almost no other Artist has. He can make what Sounds like very unfinished tracks and just make them work. Always holes and bumps in his tracks, but you just Love them because of them. He is also very good at twisting and turning Vocals, something I am using myself.

9. Gotye | Hearts A Mess
Gotye is wonderful at making these Mainstream tracks that just everyone likes. No one ever dislikes a Gotye track. That skill is very rare and I want to try to embrace that competence. If everyone likes you you're bound to become something great.

10. Camille Saint-Saëns | Danse Macabre (Performed by National Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor: Leopold Stokowski)
A Classical piece filled with Emotions. Camille Saint-Saëns is my favorite Composer and Pianist. Classical pieces have a way of telling a story that no other Music Genre can and Danse Macabre is one of the most beautiful stories out there. It has both a Light and Dark side and it tells the story in an amazing and very aggressive way. The concept of having a Dark and Light side in Music is both fascinating and thought-provoking.