WARMER MIXTAPES #973 | by Peter Michel [Hibou]

1. Avey Tare + Kría Brekkan | Sis Around The Sándmill 
I go to this place called Discovery Park near my home in Seattle; it's a vast wonderland of forests, beaches, and secret passages. I like to lay in the fields and listen to this song while the Sun shines down on me.

2. New Order | Run
My pick-me-up song. Never fails to put me in a better mood or put a flicker of Hope in whatever I'm doing. Also essential for road trips.

3. Slow Club | Come On Youth
I will never have a stronger Sentimental Connection with a song than I do with this one. That Intro brings me right back to bike rides on the beach & ice cream on the boardwalk.

4. Style Of Eye & Slagsmålsklubben | Homeless
If you ever want to see me win a dance off just pop this tune in. It makes me think of these Jungle Robots who have been shut off for thousands of years, and are just now coming back to Life. They go on a journey to find their King and assemble an army - and of course there is a huge battle at the end.

5. Chorus & Kathryn Beaumont | The Garden/All In The Golden Afternoon (Alice In Wonderland Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I'm a big sucker for Classic Disneys, Alice In Wonderland in particular. Those Opening Piano Trickles always knock the wind out of me, in a good way. I searched for the Original Soundtrack on Vinyl for ages, only to discover that it does not exist.

6. Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew | Aging Faces/Losing Places
I used to fall asleep to this song every night, it's definitely one the Most Beautiful Melodies I Have Ever Heard. It always made things seem more clear to me, maybe it has something to do with the Background Ambience, and how the Vocals ride over it like Waves.

7. Balam Acab | Big Boy
I have a room in my basement that I fill with fog until I can't see my hand in front of my face (it's called the Fog Room). I light some candles, play this song, and forget about everything.

8. Sun Sister | Growing Ur Hair Out
This band is absolutely fantastic, and I am so pumped for Summer to come so I can put this on repeat for days. Their other songs are equally as awesome too; the Chord Progression in Moquette is simply amazing.

9. Billie Holiday | Them There Eyes (Gus Arnheim And His Coconut Grove Orchestra Cover)
I can't remember the last time I took a shower without Billie Holiday on in the background. Plus it's good for cooking & dates. It sounds about 10 times as good on Vinyl, and if you dance to it you are automatically adorable.

10. Another Sunny Day | The Centre Of My Little World
I first heard this song on Tour in NYC & immediately thought it was the perfect Love song. Include this in your Valentine's Day mixes!!