WARMER MIXTAPES #988 | by Khan B. [Nein No Non/Ghostdrumm]

1. Nobukazu Takemura | Let My Fish Loose (Aphex Twin Remix) 
This is the Sickest Thing I’ve Ever Listened I guess... But it’s addictive in a way. The Original version of the song is more easy listening and has some kind of a Jazz vibe... But this one is totally different. AFX is in control. It’s like Meditation. A journey to a place that don’t really exist by repeating the same words over and over...

2. Thom Yorke | Hearing Damage (The Twilight Saga: New Moon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Thom Yorke is my All Time Favorite Musician, with or without Radiohead... Whenever I hear something from him, I think of Quitting Music. When I’ve heard this one for the first time, I was like oh no, not again!... He is Total Inspiration.

3. Burial | Near Dark
Burial has changed everything. His tunes make you walk, drive, ride, dream, breathe in the streets of London. He has so many great tunes, but this one is special for me.

4. Squarepusher | Welcome To Europe
Everytime I listen to this my whole Life flash before my eyes... I can’t find the right words to describe how I exactly feel about this track... It’s unbelievable, it’s an Epic Masterpiece.

5. Four Tet | Spirit Fingers
I don’t know anyone around me that likes this track. I’m the only one I guess... But I really Love the Melody and the Feeling of it. It also makes me Dance, somehow...

6. Radiohead | Feral
There are times in Life when Words are Useless... Just play it again!

7. Mount Kimbie | Carbonated
I’ve had so many days and nights walking in the Rain alone, listening to this track. I also have great memories with this, like watching Mount Kimbie performing it Live...

8. Trimbal | Confidence Boost (Harmonimix) 
I like Trim. He’s one of the Best Grime Artists Around Nowadays. And I like James Blake too... This is a Perfect Combination for me. Experimental yet Soulful.

9. Zomby | Memories
Simple and Great. Zombie is a perfect example for Less Is More motto... This Piano Loop is a total Melancholy.

10. FaltyDL | Regret
One of the best works of FaltyDL... It starts as a total different track, like another Genre, but then comes a fantastic Speed Garage twist... It’s very Inspiring for me.