WARMER MIXTAPES #989 | by Kramies Gerrit Windt [Channel/Kramies]

1. David Bowie | The Bewlay Brothers
Plus: Quicksand & Memory Of A Free Festival. As a teenager this small grouping of David Bowie songs heavily influenced my thinking of Sound and Song Structure. I've never felt a strong connection to the Science of Traditional Songwriting, so when I first heard these I feel in Love. The Strangeness in Sound and the Beauty in the haunting Emotion behind the Vocal Melody and Lyrics simple captivated me forever. Also it was incredible for me to be able to hear talking and chairs moving and Studio Noise in these recordings. These songs felt Honest, Strange and Real.

2. Jane's Addiction | Summertime Rolls
Plus: Then She Did & Classic Girl. I listen to these Hugely Orchestrated Songs for years straight. The Lyrics in Summertime Rolls are some of the Most Present & Perfectly Detailed Words Written to me, as well as Classic Girl. Then She Did felt to me like a Mirror into a Reflective Journey in a Moment in Time. The song has the Most Beautiful Combination of Delicate Emotion and Fearlessness I've Ever Heard. The off-ness and spooky-build between the Piano, Strings, Clarinet and Guitars paints more then just a picture. I actually felt like I was wrapped into the song for the duration. The Vocals were so powerful I couldn't listen to anything else after.

3. Simon & Garfunkel | America
Plus: Kathy's Song. Simon & Garfunkel were always my favorite. These two songs make me feel as though I'm walking while it's gently raining down on cobblestone streets. The Softness and Love in these songs always touched my heart making me Stop and Listen. What I Love most is the Power Behind a Simple Instrument, touching Soft Melody and a Story. These songs created a kind of walking away, saying goodbye feel which longingly touch the heart.

4. John Williams | Hedwig's Theme (Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Soundtracks and Scores are probably the most important to me. The combination between Music and Vision is some of the Most Moving Moments I Can Remember in my Life. The Harry Potter Theme Song is exactly that perfect song for me. Emotional, Huge, Haunting and Beautiful. It's the space between the Notes and the Sound of the Strings whipping, lead into a deep, slightly Dark Melody that dances subtly like old Christmas Music that I Love.

5. Led Zeppelin | Tangerine
Plus: That's The Way. I would have to say that it's the way these songs must have been Recorded and Written that blow me away. They seem to perfectly capture the Time in which the were Written. Creating a very Moving and Expansive Feel for me. I remember driving through heavily wooded streets listening to these songs and creating images of what a Video would look like and how they must have created these. There is a touch of Dissonate-Prettiness that I find myself very attached to.

6. Joanna Newsom | '81
This is by far my most favorite song as of right now! I can't stop listening to it everyday. The Melody is the Most Incredible Road of Subtlety Twisting Notes I've Ever Encountered. I can't say enough beautiful things about this song. It's probably the Most Perfect Song I've Ever Hear Written, with such a simple agreement between Harp, Lyrics and Vocals. I have always been very strongly attracted to Whimsical, Fairytale Music and the Sounds of Old Worlds, '81 seems to take all that and presents it perfectly into my heart.

7. Neil Young | Old Man
Plus: Needle And The Damage Done. After hearing Neil Young's Old Man and Needle And The Damage Done I was taken by how important the relationship between his Emotion and Singing was... These songs created a Sadness in Sound that was Gigantic. Neil Young's Voice was like no others in these songs, almost like a Full Orchestra lives inside him. As a child I remember staring at his album covers for hours while listening, getting lost in how big and foggy these songs sounded creating a statement even bigger.

8. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky | Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy (The Nutcracker) (Performed by London Symphony Orchestra)
I first heard this song as a child while watching Ballet. I'm not sure if it was the size of the Stage and Playhouse or the dimming of the Light or even the Snow outside, but I will never forget the moment the Harpsichord started to play. It was a Sound I had never heard before and to this day is my All Time Favorite Instrument. Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy actually scared me and made my heart race with Excitement. I have never let that feeling go. It was the first experience as a young child were I was able to associate Music with Powerful Emotion.

9. Indians | I Am Haunted
This song has such a wonderfully recorded Sound. I've listen to it over and over and it never gets old. It has a very old Familiar Sound and beautifully stacked Layers. Every time I listen to it I hear more and more. It's one of those songs that have few Instruments but Sounds Gigantic.

10. Gordon Lightfoot | The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald
This is something I remember way back as a child growing up in Cleveland, Ohio. I'm a really big fan of Irish Music and for some reason this song has a Celtic feel to it. It was the first time as a child I was able to recognize a Story in Lyrics, and feel the Sadness thru the Music.