WARMER MIXTAPES #991 | by Jacob Yates [Idle Earth]

1. Talking Heads | This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
Geeze, talk about songs that pull you out of low places. If I were to put this track into words, it would probably just end up being described using a smiley face like this one: c: ...I can't stop myself from bouncing to the Beat of the Drums in this tune. It reminds me of Happiness in general and I don't know why. I catch myself listening to it every other day. Maybe I should give it a break... Nah.

2. Aphex Twin | Flim
The Main Thought Process associated with this track for me is the Feeling of Being Unhuman. Every time it plays, I seem to instantly Exit the Planet and go Somewhere Else. It's a nice feeling depending on the day. Although, I like Earth too, so I don't want to be gone for too long. Good thing it's only a 3 minute long track or else I'd be lost on another planet forever.

3. C2C | Delta
BOOM. I have to dance when I hear this song. It's impossible for me not to. That Funky Clavinet-esque Instrument that's constantly tapping in the right ear gets me every time. The Vocal Sampling is superb as well, I must add. This tune acts as a major refresher for me; it's like a breath of Fresh Air in my lungs. I'm listening to it now. DAT SNARE MAN.

4. Empire Of The Sun | I'll Be Around
Oh my, so many feelings associated with this tune. I'll never forget the moment this song really touched my Soul. A friend and I were getting out of the house one day to just to escape for a little while. It had gotten Dark and we were driving home on the interstate when this track came on the Stereo. The most Electric Feeling of Freedom hit me at that moment. It was as if I was Infinite. I'll never forget it. Thank you, Empire Of The Sun.

5. Flying Lotus | Another Night On The Roof
This track has been the Theme Song to some of my most memorabe late nights. Whether I'm with friends or alone, if it's after 2 am and I'm awake you better believe this song is playing. The Vibe Flying Lotus captures in his tunes never ceases to amaze me. If I ever had the opportunity to choose an Artist to work with, he would definitely be one of my go-to guys. FlyLo is the Definition of Relaxation for my ears.

6. Marvin Gaye | How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
I truly Love Sincerity in Music, and Marvin really got it right with this lovely song. It's got Groove, Soul, and most importantly, Simplicity! I swear, I can't help myself but to smile when I hear Marvin Gaye's Music. The man is a Legend for a reason, he's always captured Emotion in a way that people can relate to. This tune in particular makes me want to dance with my girlfriend. Thanks for this one, Marvin, you're the man.

7. KOAN Sound & Asa | Sanctuary
Breathlessness is my word for this track. It takes the air out of my lungs at certain points, due to the Perfect Beauty crafted by KOAN Sound & Asa. I think the duo were paired to be together via Divine Connection; it's just too perfect. This track never fails to bring me into a state of Absolute Harmony and Peace with my surroundings and in my mind. It's like a Gateway into Another Way of Thinking for me. I Love the Tribal-esque Drums layered with the Strings and quick Vocal hits. Ah, so very beautiful.

8. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros | Carries On
I can't help myself but to think of spending Time with my girlfriend when this song plays. She Loves to put it on the Stereo at random points during our visits. It's almost become our Theme Song, which I'm completley okay with considering it's a track written by the great Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Those guys got some serious Talent for sure! I encourage everyone to listen to their work. There's a feeling of Freedom that comes with Edward Sharpe tunes, it makes every track they make worth a listen.

9. Sorrow | My Love
I could cry when I hear this song. The Piano is absolutley stunning. The way Sorrow incorporated so many various Sounds and Samples into a tune that could have stood soley a Piano Ballad is outstanding. I can't help but to Love the little Vocal Samples throughout the song as well. You can really hear the genuine care put into this track by paying attention to all of the little details within the Layers. It makes me Happy. Also, for some reason this tune reminds me of sitting on the steps of my porch with one of my dogs. I have no idea why.

10. M83 | Wait
Driving. Driving late at night with friends. That's what memory pops into my head when I hear this song. I Love the way the track builds and builds. It's a perfect match for speeding down the Interstate with streetlights passing overhead. You should try it! I promise that you'll feel the feels. I swear, M83 always know how to get me feeling like a wreckless teenager with their Music. If somebody plays me Midnight City when I'm 80 years old I'll probably jump out of my chair and go drive down the Highway at high speeds (I've mentioned driving down the Highway/Interstate a lot today, geeze.)