WARMER MIXTAPES #996 | by Idris Vicuña [Eyedress] of Bee Eyes

Photo by Maya Kibbel

1. My Bloody Valentine | When You Sleep
First heard it in my friend's room back when I lived in SoCal. He showed it to me after School. Makes me feel like I'm running through my Dreams.

2. Redd Kross | Kill Someone You Hate
First heard this in my mom's car right after buying it from Tower Records back when I was still living in Phoenix, Arizona. It was a random buy. Just thought the Cover looked Cool and the Song Titles sounded interesting and were relatable.

3. Ambulance Ltd. | Stay Where You Are 
Love the long Ambient Intro. Feels like you're following the girl you Love.

4. The Velvet Underground | Candy Says
R.I.P. Lou Reed. Best Riff Ever. It's so Smooth and Soft on the ears, like a sad Ice Cream Man song.

5. Rudimentary Peni | Cosmetic Plague 
This is a song my old and first band (The Liberal Underground) used to Cover every weekend in my friend's Living Room. It was the Fastest and most Funnest Song to Ever Play. I was starting out on Bass at the time.

6. Metro Zu | Don't Try 
Beautiful Melodies. Very Futuristic in its Sound. First heard this in my current room, stoned, searching for new Music on the Interwebz.

7. Dinosaur Jr. | Little Fury Things 
Amazing Guitars on this one. Lovely Video as well, very Heavy then Mellow when the Singing comes in.

8. Pavement | Grounded 
Perfect song to listen to when you're just stuck at home. I Love Stephen Malkmus' Careless Singing. He sounds so cool.

9. Jeru The Damaja | Me Or The Papes
Great Lyrics in this song. Love the line Bitches Love Power while Queens Love Refinement... Intelligent Hip Hop.

10. Y Society | Never Off (On & On)
Sickest Hip Hop Beat Ever and the Message is so Positive. I Love when MC's spit that Truth and share that Light.