WARMER MIXTAPES #997 | by Nancee Bortey [Nancee]

1. Mary J. Blige | I Love You
You know how some songs are just perfect the way they are and you wouldn’t want to change any tiny detail about them? This is such a song. The Beat, the Voice, the Melodies... Sugar in my ears! Mary J. really delivers the Bittersweet Notion of the song. I feel sad and glad at the same time.

2. Snap! | The Power
I remember dancing to this song at a friend’s Birthday Party as a kid and a circle forming around me cheering me on. I didn’t even really notice them because I was so much in the Groove. (They later showed me on the Video!) Hihi!

3. Aaliyah | Back & Forth
When I was in Ghana as a teenager Aaliyah came on in the Radio and some friends tried to convince me that she was Ghanaian and even sometimes sang in Ghanaian. Wishful thinking?? Anyway, I’ll never forget that.

4. Adele | Hometown Glory
I absolutely Love the long Piano Intro of this song. It’s probably my Favourite Ever. And then Adele’s sultry, strong Voice sets in with a touch of Hoarseness and she belts out that Hook with the Strings Backing her… It’s just so beautiful. I can listen to this song over and over and over…

5. Beyoncé | Crazy In Love (feat. JAY Z)
I Love shaking everything I got to this song as it is just Booty-Sexy-Mama-Licious! When it came on in a club once, I danced to it like there was no tomorrow. My friends later laughed at with what Seriousness I was dancing to it, like my Life depended on it. Haha!

6. Mariah Carey | Without You (Badfinger Cover)
I remember being in my Half Room at home (in Germany a Room is called a Half Room, if it’s not big enough to be called a Room), I must have been around 12 belting out this song. It is so beautifully Written and Sung…One of the Best Songs Ever!

7. Destiny’s Child | Say My Name 
This is such a simple yet such an awesome song. When I was in High School in the US, my friend and I used to sing it in the car on our way to Musical Practice. It was so much fun! We’d sometimes argue about who would do which Harmonies...

8. Paula Abdul | Rush Rush 
Growing up in Germany, we had a show called Mini Playback Show. In this show children were made up like their favourite singer and got to perform their favourite song. This one girl performed Rush Rush and I fell in Love with the song… Couldn’t get it out of my head for days.

9. Alicia Keys | Fallin'
This used to be my Standard Auditioning Song. Whenever someone would ask me to sing something, that’s the song I would sing. It’s wonderfully Written, beautifully Sung and perfectly Arranged… What else can I say… It’s just Super Awesome!

10. Brandy & Monica | The Boy Is Mine
I couldn’t get enough of the Video! The whole story about the boy fooling the girls but the girls coming out as the smart and victorious ones at the end was pretty cool and empowering. And I absolutely Loved Brandy’s Twists! I pestered my mom for weeks to get them… I came out victorious too.

+11. Mary Mary | Seattle
This song has brought me to tears. When I really think about the Lyrics and let the Music penetrate me, I’m just overcome with Emotion… Can’t help it.

+12. Lumidee | Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh) (feat. Busta Rhymes & Fabolous)
Oh, Oh! Fun times in NYC! The Summer was Hot, the Possibilities Endless and there wasn’t a care in the World. Whenever I hear the song it takes me back to that amazing time.

+13. TLC | Unpretty
Like so many girls (and boys) all my life I’ve fought with Insecurities. You look at Magazines and people on TV and can’t help but think you fall short of so many things. And this song kind of voiced what I longed for inside. It epitomizes the Notion that You’re Fine the Way You Are and Should Be Happy In Your Skin. Everyone should embrace this!