WARMER MIXTAPES #999 | by Emilie Talieu [Missill]

1. Electric Mantis | Flips And Flops, Drips And Drops
Wish to listen to it on some afternoon, in front of a Sound System on the Beach in New Zealand!

2. Rihanna | Stay (20syl Remix)
Make me feel Free and Happy! 20syl is part of C2C, French DMCs DJ who have a huge success in France. This Remix make Rihanna touch the Sky! I feel like anything is possible! I won’t be scared to jump on an Unknown Sea, just to feel more Alive!

3. Disclosure | You & Me (feat. Eliza Doolittle) (Flume Remix)
So far the number 1 track for me in 2013! So many Emotions in a track! I'm glad the Evolution of Style takes this Direction.

4. Hippie Sabotage | Stay High (Tove Lo's 'Habits' Flip)
Let's do Paragliding in La Reunion Island again!! I had the chance to listen this perfect Music very loud on my headphones when I jumped from the highest Mountains in La Reunion! Was over the clear Ocean, looping around the waves!... Stay High!!!!

5. Glass Figure | I Need You (feat. Stella Le Page)
Such a Magic track!! Use to listen this after my shows, when I'm back in a Hotel. The first time I listen this track was on top of Iced Montains in the Alpes, before playing on a Highest Spot in Europe > 3000 Meters High!!!

6. FKA Twigs | Water Me
I saw this track on YouTube for the first time. I was troubled by the Video, very Simple, but weird in a same time, super sweet and sexy, big Emotion! I wasn’t surprised when I discovered SBTRKT are the Godfathers of this Beauty. More!!

7. Flume | Left Alone (feat. Chet Faker) (Ta-Ku Remix)
Flume again! Australia!! Can’t wait to play for you again! Flume and Lorde made a lot of Noise in 2013! This Trap Remix make another image/vibe to the TR4P Music! More Melodic, very Clever Mix!

8. Emoh Instead | Why Can’t You (Say So) (H3 Remix)
This one is made to make souvenirs listening to it everywhere! Trains, PlanesLove it!

9. Tyga | Rack City 
Big Freestyle on Backstage with Hip Hop Beatbox guys, girls totally drunk, on the floor, crazy ass dance, shouting loud together: Rack City Bitch, Rack Rack City Bitch!!

10. Murder Mark | UNH (feat. TT The Artist & Sheila D Yeah)
Make me remember the Ghetto/Tek - Booty Crunk Style, very Ruff and Minimal, make me come back to the Basics.

+11. Jevetta Steele | Calling You (Bagdad Cafe Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Bagdad Cafe, Best Soundtrack Ever for me! The kind we never forget, the kind who fix memories, like looking at an old picture of us as a child. Love Forever!

+12. Candy Staton | His Hands
This will be my Lover side of me. It starts Super Slow, and it gets more and more Soulful, the Best Love Track Ever to me.

+13. Fat Freddy’s Drop | Hope
I was in London, was my usual/monthly shopping for my Vinyls when I discovered a Record Sleeve brown, kind of cardboard with a Comics like handmade, it got my attention straight away, I played it, was discovering this crazy talented band from New Zealand, kind of Reggae with a clever touch of Jazz, Soul, even Gospel, very Acoustic, with the incredible Voice of Joe Dukie, the track was 10 minutes long, I went to see their show, it blew me off! Couldn't resist to Joe Dukie's Voice and a proper band around him, I was amazed. Then I had a very bad news in this period. My Dad died. And I played Hope on the very next show after this terrible event. I could feel my Dad was there, it was undescribable, I could feel it, it's crazy how Music can be Powerful, already as a DJ, it's like the Beats goes into my flesh, like Electricity, like is not me anymore, just an Energy Relayer.

+14. Lauryn Hill | Ex-Factor
I was just a kid when The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill was released, THE Album of Lauryn Hill!! Every single track make me come back to my sweet Naive Age! All big Hits! Generation Fugees/Lauryn Hill!!!! Everything was Shining! Even when the situation was complicated, because of her Music, I knew things gonna be Big! And it is!!!

+15. Butch Cassidy Sound System | Hear What I Say
I had to include this track of my first Mix Album Mashup in 2005! It's so Powerful that even now, 8 years later, it's still amazing!

+16. Erykah Badu | Bag Lady
On my Soul Playlist since I was a kid! Like this track never quitted me, following little Chill moments of my Life, like eating Chocolate when I feel bad, I listen Erykah Badu, never leaved me when I felt bad!

+17. Public Enemy | He Got Game (He Got Game Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Reminds me the time I started Graffiti, I was painting by night, Train Stations, Walls, I felt invincible! Like I was part of a huge movement... HIP HOP!!!

+18. Drake | Crew Love (feat. The Weeknd) (Love Thy Brother Remix)
I’m a huge fan of this track, it's just Magic! Reminds me of my last Tour in Asia, was on top of the town, incredible views of Hong Kong, I felt so High!!! Smoking weed on the Stars!!!!!

+19.  AWOLNATION | Sail
I enjoy to sing out loud this track's Lyrics when I feel down, makes me Express my Feelings, like a Therapy, Love this song!!

+20. Booker T. & The M.G.s | Green Onions
Best Groove in All Times!!! I was in New York to record M.O.P with DJ Premier and one of they friends gave me a crazy collection of 60s Rhythm & Blues tracks, so sometimes I like to play in Pool Parties a crazy 60’s Set and this one is one of my favorites.

Music make us Cry, Music make us Happy, Music is the Best Therapy.