WARMER MIXTAPES #998 | by Raik Krause [Raik] of Trashtalk and Hey Today!

1. Lee Moses | Bad Girl (Part 1)
A really nice man brought me to this wonderful track. This song has so much Soul - wow - Pure Awesome! I guess it was recorded in 1967... A Masterpiece!

2. Style Of Eye | Norway (feat. Bessem)
This song creates so many wonderful pictures in my mind. When you listen to it, can you see those happy people, too?

3. Freedarich | Gerade Alt
This is from the Soundtrack of the Movie called Loose Your Head. There are a lot of tracks from Freedarich on it and all are great and very exceptional. Definitely a Producer you have to keep an eye on.

4. The Flying Lizards | Sex Machine (James Brown's "Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine" Cover)
As tough as the Original by James Brown, but in a totally different way. The Style and the Voice of Vivien Goldman makes me crazy.

5. Sound Stream | Makin' Love
I'm a big fan of the Sound Stream/Soundhack stuff since the first release. For the Club - every track is a blast & this one is my All Time Favourite. Make Love!

6. The Smashing Pumkins | 1979
Haha... This song always brings me a lot of good memories to my Teenager Time and those countless wonderful moments I had with my friends. Of course, we did also a lot of weird & daft stuff... Like in the Video of 1979. Have you ever seen it?

7. Secondo | We Got It Like That
I've got this track as a White Label - when I was working in a Record Shop - 10 years ago. I've DJd this track so many times and I'm still playing it. It's soooo Timeless and makes every crowd dancing. You can get it now at the Soul Jazz Records Online Store.

8. Gold Panda | If U Knew (Reprise Long Live Take) 
I felt in Love to Reprise on Gold Panda's Half Of Where You Live LP, some months ago. This Lovely Sample, those Harmonies and the rising Chords... If I have to describe a Sunrise to a Blind Person - I would play aloud this song. If You Knew is a longer version of Reprise & a good Alternative to play it out at Club... Do it!

9. Michael Jackson | Speed Demon
Bad was one of my First Albums I've Heard In Repeat Mode. I was 6 or 8 years old when my parents bought me this MC (Music Casette). I've heard this casette on my Walkman everytime – again and again. I can remember these good vibes I became just because of the Music and MJ's Voice - because I didn't understand neither the Lyrics nor English - but I even sing along... Haha... When I'm listening to Bad now - 20 years later - I have the same good vibes and still Love it. Quincy Jones & Michael Jackson – for me, one of the Best Teams Ever.

10. Raik | Hold Me (feat. Henri)
I've made this Instrumental last year and was looking for the right song on it. I've tried something out with different Singers, but didn't get satisified. Then Isi send this track to Henri. After just 2 days Henri send the track back with Hold Me on it. I've listened to it and I became this wonderful feeling and a big smile in my face - which means... Yes – That's It!