WARMER MIXTAPES #1046 | by Tomáš Dvořák [Floex]

Photo by Tomáš Jakubec

1. The Black Dog | Psil-Cosyin 
Black Dog's Spanners was a Seminal Record for me. Back in '95 it was for me totally UFO, turning many of the Electronic Music Clichés upside down. This song is for me more like a Musical Statement showing that also Electronic Music can be pretty Complex and still very Entertaining to listen to.

2. Beaumont Hannant | Heavenly
Love the Music of this guy so much. Such shame few years after this album he totally disappeared from the Musical Scene. Songs like this one or Departure, Utuba, The Morning After or Mind Colours are just Timeless.

3. Apparat | Wooden 
Whole album is Revolutionary. For me, it's showing that Beauty and Beast, Emotionality and Experiment can Coexist. Electro Acoustic Music to the Extreme. This offered so many New Visions and Perspectives and still stayed Beautiful.

4. Hans Zimmer | Light (The Thin Red Line Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Hans, if you would just make more Music like that and not that shit! I've learned so much from this Soundtrack, listened to it thousand times and spent one of the Most Intense Moments When Listening to this Music.

5. Radiohead | Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
At least one Radiohead song has to be in the list!

6. Jon Hopkins | The Lower Places
Everybody knows him and everybody Loves him, including me! Another Artist who brought New Vision in Electronic Music. Emotional and Cutting Edge, yet still so Abstract. What to say more - Simple, Beautiful and very Intense Musical Experience.

7. Fennesz + Sakamoto | Haru
It is really hard for me to just choose one song from these guys. For me it is more like a certain Emotional Palette I can dive into when listening to their Music. Beautiful Things Can Be Hidden Beneath and that's what makes them even more Precious.

8. Béla Bartók | Magyar Képek/Hungarian Pictures (Performed by Corelli Chamber Orchestra, Conducted by István Bogár)
Since I am Clarinetist I have to include at least one Clarinet piece and I've chosen Bartók. I've a very personal relation to this record and what I really like about it is how the Reduction of the Instrumentation made Istvan Bogár score Wonderful Ideas and Very Playful Moments. It is a very Creative and inspirational Music.

9. Lusine | Operation Costs (Disassembled Mix)
Just another Electronic Musician I Love. His Ambient Works are always a gem!

10. James Blake | Retrograde
Every Generation has its Musical Hero, you know...