WARMER MIXTAPES #1053 | by Isom Innis [Saol Álainn] of Smims&Belle and Foster The People

1. Air | How Does It Make You Feel?
To kick things off, I really dig The Virgin Suicides influence on this blog. That movie put Air on my radar and led me to 10,000 Hz Legend. I get lost in every chorus. The way it breaks down - just kick, snare, Acoustic guitar, and the most gorgeous choral melody I've ever heard. The final female robot climax... Well, I really think you should quit smoking.

2. Herbie Hancock | Watermelon Man
This track taught me what Groove is. The overall sound and production has never been matched.

3. Radiohead | Airbag
The way the drums are overdriven and lopped together makes this soulful, erratic and absolutely blissful. When everything kicks in after the bridge over, the bass sends chills down my spine. Lyrically abstract much like John Lennon, but is based on a near death experience. The best Art is always inspired by Death.

4. The Beatles | I Am The Walrus
The masters. No explanation necessary.

5. Bruce Hornsby And The Range | The Way It Is
The piano. Can't get enough of Bruce. Molo on drums.

6. Jai Paul | BTSTU
Don't fuck with me.

7. OutKast | Ms. Jackson
This beat makes me depressed it's so good. Produced to absolute Hip Hop perfection. The rudeness of the reverse reverb on the snare makes my face snarl.

8. Joy Division | Disorder
My favorite lyrical piece of all time. The bass line sends chills down my spine. Martin Hannett, the producer often doesn't get the credit he deserves for capturing and helping craft such a unique sound.

9. Major Lazer | When You Hear The Baseline (feat. Ms. Thing)
Hats off to Diplo and Switch for creating something so fresh. This still holds up strong in 2014. Sonic scapes with no chordal or melodic lines fascinate me. Just huge beats and rhythmic aggression in the vocal.

10. Mr Oizo | Positif
Best Club track ever. Mr Oizo is a synth wizard. The way he manipulates sound and structure. There is no formula to this, just free and brave. The way Music should be!