WARMER MIXTAPES #1054 | by Zella Day

Childhood Goodness

1. John Prine​/​Dolores Keane | In A Town This Size 
This was the Pinetop (hometown) theme song in my family; I love how John Prine and Dolores Keane sound so familiar with each other.

2. Edie Brickell | Green
She was one of the first women I remember listening to that could take my childish mind and transport it to another world.

3. Operation Ivy | Sound System
My dad grew up as a Punk skater kid and he never outgrew some of those qualities. My dad would take us to the local skatepark and blast Operation Ivy.

4. Prince | Starfish And Coffee
This is the perfect example of not fully understanding what a song is about but finding clarity through the emotion the artist portrays.

5. Grateful Dead | Scarlet Begonias
This song was a perfect picture to all the crazy hippy/festival days my mom was a part of in her 20's. She has pictures laying around of her and her beautiful tan, mermaid-hair, pachouli wearing friends that all jumped in a VW bus together and drove around to festivals.

6. Joni Mitchell | The Circle Game
Circle Game is a tradition at family get togethers. We all sit around the fire pit, grab some kind of instrument, and fall in love with Joni Mitchell all over again.

7. Manu Chao | Mentira
My mom was born in Tijuana, Mexico, and speaks fluent Spanish, but never taught us a single word of it! Manu Chao was sort of my strategy of learning all of the sounds he was making and feeling like I could speak a different language for three minutes.

8. OutKast | Happy Valentine's Day 
I indulged in the Speakerboxxx/The Love Below album and I played this track in my Middle School classrooms every Valentine's Day to try to get everybody on the same program I was on with OutKast... It was the only way.

9. Social Distortion | Sick Boy
I went through a serious Social Distortion phase and they were all that played on my iPod during snowboarding season.

10. Meat Puppets | Lake Of Fire
I was first enamored with this song off of the Nirvana MTV Unplugged album and then went back to the roots of it. The Meat Puppets are from Phoenix and hung tight with my parents back in the day, which made me feel extra connected.