WARMER MIXTAPES #1056 | by David Torres Martin [Dr. Res] of C156

In the first place, I just want to say that my criteria for selecting this music was quiet simple. I decided not to choose music that one can find easily on every single music blog, nor what is trendy nowadays. Instead the songs that I have selected are songs that have always been with me and that have a special significance to me. They may also be songs that I have just discovered but know that will stick with me for a long time and that, everytime I listen to them, I will always feel a strong emotion.

1. Carlos Cipa | The Whole Truth
I just moved to Melbourne, and this song is from an album that was the soundtrack to my last Christmas holidays in Spain which I spent with my family next to the fireplace.

2. Brian Eno | From The Same Hill
I've listened to all of Brian Eno's albums a lot in the past. For a long period I stopped for no reason, but not much time ago I started to listen to his music again and have taken a lot of influence from him. It may not be easy to perceive this as such in my music, but the influence is always there. He is a pioneer and without a doubt is going to be part of Musical History. His music is the perfect alliance between Classical and Electronic Music.

3. Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto | Reverso
Another big influence on my music and another couple of genii. An amazing sound, clean, deep, and the perfect example where less is more and proving that there is no need to produce the most complex chord to make music with soul.

4. Christian Scott | New New Orleans (King Adjuah Stomp) 
+ Kuro Shinobi (Interlude)... I have no doubt that Christian Scott is a modern Miles Davis, a definite genius and visionary. I think with this song in particular, he is saying that Jazz can sometimes be simple and still be Jazz. I have never been to New Orleans, but I love everything about it. The World would be a better place if all the cities were as musical as they are.

5. Menahan Street Band | Montego Sunset
This is the perfect summer song, for listenening while sipping a cocktail next to the ocean after a full seafood lunch and an innumerable quantity of bottles of fresh white wine and champagne. Just dreaming!

6. Mulatu Astatke | Yègellé Tezeta
Mulatu Astatke = God. I can't believe he composed this music in the 60's or early 70's in Ethiopia. I think he absolutely came from the Future. My favourite artist to listen to on a road trip, the perfect soundtrack to listen to in the car while watching the world pass by.

7. William Onyeabor | Better Change Your Mind
Another god, another visionary. I have a huge passion for African musicians and their music in general. I think it is superior in so many ways, especially because African artists create from their hearts and from all their influences around them.

8. Boubacar Traoré | Dounia Tabolo
Special voice, special guitar. An example which truly highlights that Blues Music and all American Black Music comes from Africa, the center of the Earth.

9. Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit | Shades Of Soddin Orion
An interesting fusion between an amazing producer and an unique drummer. These two German musicians have been hugely influenced by African Music and use modern tools as Electronic instruments, re-interpreting and modernizing this music. A good friend of mine and musician (Manintheattic), whom I'm working with on a new project, showed me this music and, to my surprise, it made me realise how much we have in common.

10. Portico Quartet | Spinner
The perfect fusion between Jazz and Electronic Music. Elegant, deep, amazing atmospheres, big bass and textures. A huge influence on my music as well. I never get tired of them.

+11. Tommy McCook | Bigger Things
A Cuban saxophonist, who moved to Jamaica when he was 6 years old. He composed amazing yet simple melodies. I really admire the musicians who with just a few notes can create beautiful melodies. The music from Jamaica is a great example of that. They have the gift of creating perfect loops - repetitive songs that you can listen to all day.

+12. Rhythm & Sound | Ruff Way (feat. Tikiman)
The way in that African Music has been re-interpreted by Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit is the same way in which Rhythm & Sound featuring Tikiman re-interpret Jamaican Music. These musicians, also from Germany, have given us a particular vision of Jamaican sound, combining their repetitive cadence with a strong, punchy and also repetitive sound of German Techno Music. This is one of my all time favourite collaborations. Just as a general note, I always try to put some Dub Techno in my sets.

+13. Oneothrix Point Never | Chrome Country
For me, one of the biggest artists in the Electronic scene. One of those privileged Electronic artists who is going to be in our sons' or grand-sons' school books.