WARMER MIXTAPES #1055 | by Ryan Lott of Son Lux and Sisyphus

1. Mo Kolours | Drum Talking 
Deep space weightlessness, low-ride orbiting Sun Ra, communing with Saturn mysteries and Venus pleasantries, then a zoom-in like 60's Sci-Fi television.

2. Frente Cumbiero | Ariwacumbé
The swirl of mescal heavy circus tents and burnt cotton candy, the smell of sugar and fire sticking to the brim of hats, boots, the lips of an entire village.

3. DRC Music | Respect Of The Rules (feat. Loi X Liberal)
School yard full of revolutionary grade schoolers, climbing over swings, slides, basketball hoops like lemurs, swaying to future political anthems of the right to play.

4. Depth Affect | Ten Devils
Kafka breakdance battle to the point of levitation and departure into the soft mothering of the afterlife, swallowing us whole, uniting through digestion eternal.

5. Actress | Raven
The concrete gives way to jungle, the machinery puts down roots, draws from the Earth a new character and skin. Breathing sunlight and fashion. Flushing out antifreeze for chlorophyl.

6. Giuseppe IelasiUntitled (Track 1 from Aix)
A glance, reflected, mutating into something more powerful. Lust and danger, courtship with regrets. The sky is dripping noir, to the point of being offensive. Someone has built a windmill, looking like a toppling Sarah Sze, drinking straws and golf-balls.

7. Aardvarck | Bloom 1A1 
The windmills shake on the ground, unfold into ladders, begin stretching and warming in the post-rain sun, walk a slow paced measure like a prayer walk, climbing the stairs of buildings with grand gestures of self-importance.

8. Balam Acab | See Birds (Moon) (Mixed)
The children of revolution are back, oozing out the portico to resist and the ladders in their marionetting. They raise fists and burning torches.

9. Kuhn | Slime Beach
Battle begins, choreographed like the Wiz, Wicked and West-Side Story. All Broadway, all Internet. Shamanistic head swinging, Thriller Rockette leg-kicks, footworked and twerked.

10. Alien Radio | Der Runde
Saturn has descended, silencing conflict, the rings are shampoo bubbles.

+11. Dimlite | Kitty Cradle Fog
Slow dissolve to the seeds of conflict, and like seeds, this is a vision of both Past and Future. It is this Rota Fortunae, spiraling DNA. We don't learn from our past, we simply reflect on its rhythms, like the pads of an 808.

+12. Slava | Whirlpool
End credits.