WARMER MIXTAPES #1064 | by Iain Woods [Psychologist]

Photo by Lucy Dunn

1. John Cage | 4′33″ (Played by David Tudor)
I went to Art-school and was always very fond of art that had almost nothing in it. I find something very calming about Minimalism, paintings of nothing, or galleries filled with nothing, and this piece by John Cage is sort of the musical equivalent. It makes me smile every time I hear it.

2. György Ligeti | Poème Symphonique (First TV Performance Version)
This piece is from 1962 and was so controversial that the television station in the Netherlands that was supposed to give it it's first televised screening pulled out for fear of upsetting their audience.

3. Joanna Newsom | Have One On Me
Joanna Newsom is a better lyricist than Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell put together, she makes me feel proud to be from this generation because she puts up such a good fight against those old masters of songwriting. For me she completely trounces them. Most of my favourite lyrics are Joanna Newsom lyrics. In this song she says: Ask and you shall receive it is said, I threw my bouquet and I knocked 'em dead; Bottle o' white! Bottle o' red! which I sing to myself all the time. Also I read an interview with her where she said the default tune stuck in her head is You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile and I once spent about two years singing that song so I know we'd get along.

4. Annie Original Broadway Cast | You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile
See above.

5. Jane Horrocks | Cabaret (Liza Minnelli Cover)
This is the most intense version of this song, and it starts off so normally. It's absolutely harrowing. It totally conveys the brink of sanity that this character is teetering on at this point in the story. I want all singers to be as focused as this.

6. Scott Walker | Bouncer See Bouncer
Scott Walker is probably the greatest living artist.

7. The Knife | Neverland
Eyes are hazel, but far too cold
Looking out for love
But none of us can
Where's the monkey that I've been told of
I'm staring at the money that burns in my hand

The Knife are so important, I'm very glad they make music.

8. Zohra | Taleb Aruyi
Somebody introduced me to Zohra's music the other day. She is an Algerian singer and her voice is incredible.

9. Lucille Bogan | Shave 'Em Dry
I was genuinely shocked when I heard this, I was totally naive to the fact that stuff like this even existed, it's absolutely fascinating. It's from 1935 and it would appear to be about shaving your tits.

10. Ratking | Pretty Picture
This is the one of the very few Hip-Hop acts I've heard in the last few years that has really excited me. There is some very exciting, very intelligent Alternative Hip-Hop coming through right now, which is good 'cause it's about time.

+11. Hoagy Carmichael | Two Sleepy People
This is one of my favourite songs of all time.

+12. Drenge | Bloodsports
This is a new band called Drenge and they make nasty Grunge Music, I love the guitar riff in this song.

+13. PJ Harvey | Man-Size Sextet
I'd love to see a major label release something as experimental as this nowadays. It's crazy to think that a label as big as Universal actually backed stuff like this at one point, you just wouldn't get that any more and I think it's really sad. And it's not really anybody's fault; I'm sure there are A&R's at those labels who'd love to take risks on stuff like this, but everyone's hands are tied, it's just the way stuff has turned out, but I think it's a real loss.

+14. Groove Chronicles | Stone Cold
I think I'll end with this track.