WARMER MIXTAPES #1065 | by Saidah Bowen, Roland Broere and Elias McBean of CiCi Bow & The WrabeanZ and Ain't No Love

SIDE A | by Elias McBean

1. James Brown | I Got You (I Feel Good)
The Godfather of Soul... Is there much more to say other than that? He is the greatest entertainer I have ever seen. 

2. The Notorious B.I.G. | Big Poppa
Being fat and black is where it's at! This is the smoothest shit I have ever heard still to this day, made me wanna rap to get bitches.

3. Sir Mix-A-Lot | Baby Got Back
…I love a good booty! My anaconda don't want none unless you've got buns, hun... TRUTH!

4. Redman | I'll Bee Dat!
I just remember playing this joint with the mans when we drink yelling I'll Be Dat!...

5. Tracy Chapman | Give Me One Reason
My mom used to bump this heavy in the house on Sunday mornings. Positive vibe.

6. Portishead | Glory Box
This is the joint. Plucks a heart string every time I hear it.

7. Missy Elliott | The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)
This song was the first joint I heard that really made me want to be different in this Music World. The video... Doh! Jheezee...

8. Ginuwine | Pony
The beat is disgusting and this is a pantie dropper!

9. Busta Rhymes | Gimme Some More
Another amazing video. The joint made me wanna spit double time rhymes. Busta Bust!

10. Michael Jackson | Dirty Diana
This song is so heavy and Mike is a God in this Music life. It's crazy how hard this song bangs. Gheeze!

SIDE B | by Saidah Bowen

1. Erykah Badu | On & On
This song is simply amazing, perfection.

2. Nina Simone | Pirate Jenny (Kurt Weill & Bertolt Brecht Cover)
This one used to give me nightmares as a kid, so powerful and dramatic.

3. Nat King Cole | Smile
The words, I want this sung when I die.

4. Fiona Apple | Every Single Night
Weird like only she can do, I wish I wrote this.

5. Beenie Man | Who Am I (Sim Simma)
I quote this song everyday. Big chune.

6. Dan Croll | From Nowhere (Ben Gomori's Staring You In The Eye Remix)
This track + a treadmill = intense workout motivation, love this!

7. Alt-J | Fitzpleasure
In her snatch fitzpleasure, ooh, fitzpleasure. That is all.

8. Neil Young | Old Man
My dad put my on this dude and specifically this song, how ironic.

9. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Requiem: Lacrimosa (Performed by Slovak Philharmonic And Choir; Conductor: Zdenek Kosler)
This was the last piece of Music this man wrote for voice, it's so haunting and beautiful and one of the greatest pieces I've had the privilege of learning and singing.

10. Nas | The Message
I can still spit every word to this track and it brings me pride. Ha.

SIDE C | by Roland Broere

1. Manitoba | Brandon
To put it simply, this is one of the most beautiful compositions I have been lucky enough to hear. The simplicity of sound and the lead melody is what makes this one of my favourite things to listen to, ever.

2. Kavinsky | Nightcall (feat. Lovefoxxx)
This song makes me feel invincible. I learnt early that the feeling I get from listening to Nightcall would be the feeling I chase in making music on a whole. Kavinsky has an ability to make you feel like you exist in a different time, here lies his genius.

3. The Weeknd | Valerie 
This hook entirely encapsulates what I love about Alternative R&B, the soulful melody, powerful lyrics and the sparse but orchestral production make it complete. Also, I love the idea that the song has been given a personality by naming and theming it around Valerie.

4. Big L | 8 Iz Enuff (feat. Twan, Buddah Bless, Killa Kam, Herb McGruff, Mike Boogie, Terra, Trooper J)
When I heard this song I was in a deep crew of rappers called Goose Bumps Click. Obviously, we were drawing parallels between Children Of The Corn (Big L's crew) and ourselves and I must have listened to this song 500+ times.

5. Blockhead | Four Walls (Eddie Holman Cover)
My dad showed me a lot of music when I was a kid. To be fair, he really defined my taste at a young age, I'm incredibly lucky that he has a progressive ear. I can remember him driving along a backroad at our cottage in the pitch black blasting this song with my friend Jackson.

6. Tricky | Hell Is Round The Corner
Tricky is one of my favourite artists of all time. Mostly because I love Trip-Hop and UK scene but Tricky's honesty is something I strive for as a human, not only a musician. Hell Is Round The Corner represents a very dark honesty to me and I like that.

7. RJD2 | Ghostwriter
This is an iconic song for me. I was in between Rap and Trip-Hop + Electronic Music and RJD2 and artists like Ratatat helped me transition without feeling insecure about my evolution.

8. Portishead | Roads
Portishead is probably my favourite band of all time. I used to lay in bed and play Roseland NYC Live over and over when I first smoked pot. The relationship I have with this album is, like, deeper than a lot of relationships I have with people. The longing and pride and sadness are what make this a masterpiece to me.

9. Justice | D.A.N.C.E.
Another one from my dad. We were listening to this song like 6 months before the world was. The song is a banger. But it was more the feeling I got from knowing I knew this song before the masses stuck with me. How is that for egomaniacal? Still, being that person has become my career so I have to shout it out.

10. Peter Gabriel | Sledgehammer
Peter Gabriel is one of my favourite performers. Also, the video for this song was so innovative that it helped me understand the importance of expressing Art through all mediums, even if Music will always be the centre of the Universe.