WARMER MIXTAPES #1095 | by Ben and Tom Stephens of Over Sands

SIDE A | by Ben Stephens

1. Son House | Grinnin' In Your Face
A family member got me into the Delta Blues by playing me Blind Willie Johnson, after which I discovered Son House. The A Capella vocal in this track is particularly memorable. It’s a reminder you don’t need lots of instrumentation to produce a great performance.

2. Panabrite | Moonpool
I like this immensely soothing, mellifluous soundscape. We listened to this a fair bit during some recent recording stints to give ourselves a break.

3. Grandaddy | The Crystal Lake
A great sense of mystique is created in this song. The lyrics mourn a place that has been left behind in favour of somewhere new.

4. Mount Kimbie | Home Recording
This was on one of my favourite records from last year, and I particularly like this track from the album.

5. The Staple Singers | This May Be The Last Time
I was hooked on this as soon as I heard the Minimal tremolo guitar at the start. The vocals inflections and melody are great.

6. Bruce Springsteen | Streets Of Philadelphia (Philadelphia Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This was one of the first songs I ever owned. I found a CD copy in a second hand store along with Sepultura's Refuse/Resist, by coincidence both records portray bleak cityscapes in their own way.

7. Link Wray And His Ray Men | Rumble
Uhhh, what’s not to like?

8. John Cage | Imaginary Landscapes No.1 (Performed by Maelström Percussion Ensemble; Conductor: Jan Williams)
I had the unusual experience of being asked to DJ in a cave not that long ago. I played this to creep everyone out.

9. Death In Vegas | Dirge
I like how this track drives forward in a laid back way, layers build up and up, creating increasing tension and intensity.

10. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds | Abattoir Blues
I remember seeing this performed on Later... with Jools Holland, there were something like 3 pianos on stage. Great song, really insistent drum beat.

SIDE B | by Tom Stephens

1. Alice Coltrane | Ptah, The El Daoud 
This piece is such a kaleidoscope of textures and rhythms, it never takes you on the same journey twice.

2. Twin Shadow | When We're Dancing 
According to my iTunes play count this is my 3rd most listened to song. It always sounds fresh yet timeless.

3. Timber Timbre | Bad Ritual
I saw this band live before I had heard any of their music. This has since become one of many favourites. A beautiful arrangement which is spooky and soothing all at once.

4. Boards Of Canada | An Eagle In Your Mind 
I listen to this track pretty much every day and always hear something new in it.

5. Chicha Libre | The Ride Of The Valkyries (Composed by Wilhelm Richard Wagner for Die Walküre Opera)
One of the most original cover versions I have heard. Surf guitars, playful Joe Meekesque keyboards and Latin rhythms make this an inspired take on a piece of music many people are familiar with.

6. The Dovers | What Am I Going To Do
A wonderful Pop song full of the spirit of youth. It is so short I have to listen to it on repeat.

7. The Good, The Bad & The Queen | Northern Whale
One of my favourite things Damon Albarn has done.

8. Nils Frahm | Less 
I heard this for the first time on the radio late at night in the midst of a very cold winter. I love the warmth and intimacy of the piano, but what really elevates it is the ambience of the incidental sounds captured in the recording. The hiss, the knocks and creaks and the rhythmic sounds of the piano hammers rising and falling.

9. John Martyn | Hurt In Your Heart 
An effortlessly soulful vocal and a swooning, nostalgic arrangement, really Classic Songwriting.

10. Frédéric Chopin | Nocturne in B-Flat Minor, Op. 9, No. 1 (Played by Sándor Falvai)
I first heard a version of this on the radio one Boxing day morning and was instantly transported.