WARMER MIXTAPES #1096 | by Noam Helfer [Helfer] of Kitzu and Folo

1. Pascäal | I Like The Way You Talk
I dig this guy's Minimalism and his crazy glitchy beats. This track combines so many elements, but everything has its place. Beautiful!

2. fLako | Honey Drips
This is a song from an EP I'm into by fLako called Enclosure. I just love the Caribbean under the water sound. Besides this, he's just so accurate!

3. HWLS | 001 
Ta-Ku makes lots of tracks all the time, but this Trappy sounding track just makes me wanna dance.

4. SOHN | The Wheel
This guy keeps on releasing tracks and now his debut album almost out, this track is just the best! I love his synths and harmonies, a big delight for the ears.

5. Mount Kimbie | You Took Your Time (feat. King Krule)
I've been following Mount Kimbie for a long time now, but this is the first time I ever heard King Krule's amazing voice. Together they made a beautiful Garage sounding track.

6. Kalbata | SUS (feat. Clapper Priest)
This talented sounding producer is from Israel. He brings kick up vibes and killer Minimalist groove. Kalbata's sound isn't always my preferred genre, but this track just kills it!

7. Flume & Chet Faker | Drop The Game
Australia shows us how they do it down under! A beautiful Poppy song combined with an elegant Production. A treat for the ears.

8. Damon Albarn | Everyday Robots
I've loved Damon Albarn since I was a little kid. Through Blur to Gorillaz and other weird side projects. Whenever he sings things just connect for me. It's not 100% updated with what's going on today (sound+vibe wise) but this guy just knows how to make good Music.

9. Julsy | C'est Pas Grave
Julsy is a Soundcloud friend (hooked on Soundcloud!). She made a great Lo-Fi track, full of emotions and Sincerity.

10. Ori | Soulbird
Ori is a good friend and one of my favorite artists in the world. Such an amazing voice, so delicate and subtle, he just opens my heart and ears. He's also the singer and main composer on my previous band Folo.