WARMER MIXTAPES #1133 | by Ivan Erofeev [Aleph/Erofeev] of Prodavcy-Konsultanty

1. Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff | 12 Romances, Op.21: How Fair This Spot / Здесь хорошо (Zdes′ Khorosho) (Performed by Inessa Galante with Vladimir Choclov, Ingmars Zemzars, Janis Bulvas)
Inessa Galante has a wonderful voice, I can choose any of her Romance interpretations, sang in any language, to please my ears. I've watched a couple of her Operas and can't describe how unbelievably good she mastered her voice. I heavily recommend you to check out Jewish Folk Songs & Rachmaninov Romantic Songs album from start to end.

2. Floating Points | Shangrila
I won't tell you that Shangrila is my favourite track made by Sam, but it was my first revelation. I walked through the hood in my hometown of Omsk, it was a very cold winter. Scrolling randomly trough tracks on my player I stopped at Shangrila and was shocked and excited. I met my friend, then put this track on on my friend's soundsystem and sat in center of the room. Since that day I explored each and every of his tracks and constantly relistening it. Without a doubt I can say that he influenced me a lot, but you can't tell it from listening to my Music.

3. Lerosa | I Care
Italian producer who writes very elegant House Music and oftenly releases mixes that consists from very rare vinyls which is impossible to find in Digital format. This track's strongly inspiring, it's slow and gracious development drowns me in soundplay, and then you unintentionally embrace same slow tempo with your thoughts and it makes your attention free and clear. When the track breaks into second half I always want to close my eyes and see how this Music looks from inside.

4. John Tejada | Somewhere
This is the first John's track I've heard and I instantly fell in Love with it. I've goofled him, bought his complete discography and listened to him for days and nights, playing Somewhere in clubs on a regular basis. Especially I love his tracks which has lyrics on them.

5. Ten Walls | Gotham
This is a masterpiece. It's hard for me to imagine how this melody was written, but it is geniously tailored. Especially it's last part, mystical run of notes around tonic. Things like this are priceless and therefore Ten Walls quickly found its ways into World's charts, into podcasts of Techno and House bosses. I may not rate previous tracks by this artist so high, but I think he's a very talented guy. Meow.

6. Deepchord | Glow
Before I heard Deepchord, I had no clue about Dub-Techno. But he, on his own, proved to be able to make me obsessed with this genre. I don't want even to talk about this Music, 'cause there is no words that can be more important than listening to it. I want to share a secret with you: currently I prepare a Dub-Techno album under disguise and it looks like I will work on it for another few years.

7. Fudge Fingas | Snow Day
Classy House with a ripe groove, I played this bit in different spaces, times and tempos. Speaking of dances, it's a firestarter.

8. Art Department | All Mine
Love-from-a-first-glance type of track. Amazing duo from Canada which has no need for presentation. Mega popular guys who made a style of their own and they keep it in both tracks and mixes. Pleasant listening, I advise you to visit their live shows!

9. N.A.D. | Distant Drums
My recent discovery, let me put aside the fact that it was written in '89. The swinging drum machine rhythm with interesting speech above makes you listen to the sound of distant hits hidden in the background. It's the first track from an album which tells you a big story. A story about the Future and much more.

10. Zbigniew Preisner | Dies Irae
I close my list with a Female Opera song, in the same key as I started it. It's a Polish composer who's widely known as an author of Movie Soundtracks. I've never seen these movies, but a couple of these compositions deeply printed in my consciousness.