WARMER MIXTAPES #1145 | by Dom Tarasek [Commodo]

1. Mobb Deep | Trife Life
This song just captures everything about the New York vibe that always appealed to me; crackly, dark, raw... The lyrics are on point and manage to tell a story without it sounding cheesy to me in any way.

2. NOFX | The Decline
Has to be the longest Punk Rock song in history. An 18 minute long catalogue of everything wrong with America... But I never get bored of it and it never sounds over-indulgent to me.

3. Bobby Caldwell | What You Won't Do For Love
By far his most well known song and rightly so. The smoothest thing I've ever heard... It's been an all-time favourite for years and will continue to be so.

4. Madvillain | Fancy Clown (feat. Viktor Vaughn)
MF DOOM is probably my favourite rapper. The way he pokes fun at attitudes in Rap Music and satires himself is great, and all delivered in his crazy abstract style that takes a few listens to fully understand. This track is like a breakup song but from the perspective of Viktor Vaughn (one of DOOM's alter egos) who's girl has been stolen by DOOM (complicated I know).

5. Clark | Herr Barr
The perfect blend of Organic and Electronic.

6. Nas | Represent
Probably the best song on the best Rap album of all time. Nas' delivery and bars are among his absolute best and DJ Premier does some serious crate digging for the instrumental.

7. Loefah | It's Yours
I figured I should probably choose at least one track that I play out and this one came to mind. Probably Loefah's best work in my opinion; perfectly straddles the line between Hip Hop and Dubstep.

8. Idris Muhammad | Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
Awesome 70s Disco track. The intro is an amazing mess of drum fills and group vocals which then becomes this really nice groove. Vocals take a back seat while everyone throws down on their instruments. Nice.

9. Rage Against The Machine | Bulls On Parade
I was super into RATM when I was younger. As my tastes started to change I realised how incredible the Evil Empire album was, cos I didn't fully understand it as a kid... Either Bulls On Parade or Down Rodeo are my favourites on there, but the whole album is great, super raw and almost Punk-esque in it's production.

10. Fleetwood Mac | Everywhere
I have good memories from my childhood associated with this song, Rumours was always on in my parents' house and that soaring vocal in the chorus stays in my head for days.