WARMER MIXTAPES #1146 | by Hugo Sanchez [Hugosan] of Front De Cadeaux and Alien Alien

1. Brian Eno | By This River
I think the lyrics talk about my life. I grew up with this song and with the special piano riff in which I feel there is a big Jazz flavour. The last time I heard it was in December and I didn't expect it. It was raining and I was driving the car. It was me and my friend Bissi. We were in absolute silence: we were coming back home from the Russian Circus show. We were under a magic, somehow. I turned on the radio. And this song came.

2. Antonio Carlos Jobim | Wave
I spent three years of my life living along with a Brasilian Jazz musician: Jim. He was the man of flowers in every corner of the house, prayers every now and then, big smiles and crying for no reason in the middle of the night. At that time I was reading lots of Raymond Carver. At that time I discovered Jobim and he was like a clear glass of rainy water. Wave was the Jobim's album I love most. And the song Wave itself is the masterpiece.

3. De La Soul | The Magic Number 
+ Transmitting Live From Mars... De La Soul is definitely my former band. Cutting Music from everywhere. You can't imagine how much I was surprised when I listened to their first album and discovered how they combined pieces of records I already knew very well. This was because my father and my mother, they were addicted to Pop-Jazz-Funk of the 60s and 70s. De La Soul were so adventerous and unexpected in everything they did at that time and they sound extremely sexy to me. I felt like I had to become a rapper.

4. Cymande | Dove
This is the song and the band that turned me into Funk when I was a child. My passion for this track is due to my cousin Beatrice, she was a Disco addict in the late 70s/early 80s and she used to listen to a lot of mixtapes made by local (Rome, Italy) DJs in her car. One of her mixtapes used to end with this 11 minutes song. A total lysergic rapsody of beauty and melancholy. Everytime I used to listen to this I felt lost.

5. Simon Bookish | Dumb Terminal
Simon Bookish was on repeat for months on my iPod. I love his touch, I love his mood, the way he is light and strong, and belongs to the New Wave as long as to the Minimal Steve Reich music.This track begins so gently and ends in a pure state of crazy. That is the perfect form of making Love.

6. Tim Maia | Padre CĂ­cero
I first heard this song in a hot Sunday afternoon on the top of a roof. It was 1999 and that was the place where a friend of mine did organize a Summer Festival for many years to come: the Half Die Festival. It was Mr. Django the DJ who played that song. We were all stoned under the hot Sun, pots and wine. That song was for me the beginning of an incredible trip into strange Tropical Music and Tim Maia (the Brasilian version of Barry White) was one of the main spots.

7. Pet Shop Boys | Left To My Own Devices
The two camp English guys, they touch my life simply using a 909 drumming and a cold speech on it telling me: I was faced with a choice at a difficult age... Would I write a book? Or should I take to the stage?... But in the back of my head I heard distant feet...Che Guevara and Debussy to a Disco beat.

8. Tricky | Overcome
I met Tricky during his second Italian tour. Around 1996. I had the chance to have a talk with him and interviewed him for an Italian magazine. The encounter changed my life deeply. I got in contact with a man beyond Human. A scary and amazing God Pan who drove me to face unexpected questions. While it was me, actually, to be there to ask questions.

9. M|A|R|R|S | Pump Up The Volume
I was at a home party when I first heard this song. All the people were drunk throwing out in every corner. Probably it was a cool neighbour alternative Christmas party. 1987 or '88. I was 13. I got stoned by that music and the situation without even drinking a glass of wine. Reality was so strange around me, all the people acting nonsense. And Pump Up The Volume was an abstract thrilling soundtrack. Everytime I listen to this song I feel that mood on my skin. And I love to play it late at nite, when the party is kinky and totally out of control.

10. Alien Alien | Sambaca
This represents the Love and the Joy in creating Music with my brother Rodion. Alien Alien is our combo project and this song is something that goes beyond Music, it's about the people we love, the ritual we share in dancing and living together and much more. I can't really add much more and go further in describing all this. So please, enjoy the video.