WARMER MIXTAPES #1215 | by Boris Titulaer [Bo Saris]

1. Michael Jackson | Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough 
This tune has always been one of my dance floor favourites & it still stands out in between most of the big massive productions of today's Music.

2. Marvin Gaye | Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)
This tune has such a special atmosphere & vibe that each time I listen to it, it still grabs me & makes me realise how current that message still is.

3. Curtis Mayfield | Pusherman
This is the ultimate low-rider cruising Gangster tune! The definition of Cool, Smooth & Style.

4. 2Pac | All Eyez On Me (feat. Syke)
This tune always reminds me of my teenage years, being a paperboy cycling around in my district with my headphones on, singing along.

5. Dr. Dre | Keep Their Heads Ringin' (Friday Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Use to go hard on this ultimate club banger, still do actually. Beautiful memories of that time.

6. Sly & The Family Stone | Loose Booty
One of my favorite Sly Stone tracks, is all just such Feel Good Music he made and in this song you can truly hear that. It puts a big smile on my face.

7. Bobby Womack And Peace | Across 110th Street (Across 110th Street Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Another one of those true Soul anthems which cuts through your bones 'cause you can truly feel the hard reality of which they had to go through at that time, it's just so real!... Love it.

8. D'Angelo | Spanish Joint 
First time I heard Untitled (How Does It Feel) the sound was so unique even though it had all the elements of the classic sound also, it was different so I bought Voodoo immediately, skipped through the track list and found Spanish Joint & thought yeah, I can dig this, it's just such a delicate piece of Music. Beautiful!!

9. Bill Withers | Lean On Me 
One of the best singers/songwriters for me period!! His voice & sound is so charming & real that to me it's almost impossible not to like his Music, huge Bill Withers fan here.

10. OutKast | Bowtie (feat. Sleepy Brown & Jazze Pha)
Totally love their style & this song is just an absolute tune & after listening to this track I saw their movie Idlewild where this song was featured on & that made it even better. And, besides that, Idlewild to me, is one of the Best Music Pictures/Movies ever made.