WARMER MIXTAPES #1224 | by Shannon Hurley of Lovers And Poets

1. Donna Summer | I Feel Love
The best Electronic Dance song of all time, thanks to Giorgio Moroder’s innovative use of the Moog and the drum machine. Plus, Donna Summer’s voice worked so well in the world of Dance Music. It still sounds so timeless, yet futuristic.

2. The Beatles | Here Comes The Sun
George Harrison’s sweet, simple song contains two of my favorite things: Moog Synthesizers and handclaps.

3. Joe Jackson | Look Sharp!
Jackson combines Jazz, Pop, and Punk with just the right balance of polish and attitude.

4. Zero 7 | Destiny (with Sia Furler and Sophie Barker)
Sia’s rich, soulful voice raises this track high and above the rest of Zero 7’s catalog. This is one of the first songs I heard on KCRW after moving to LA and reminds me of that place and time.

5. Chantal Kreviazuk | In This Life
This is my ultimate sing-along song. Chantal’s writing reaches pure perfection here, and her voice is the vehicle for the song. It has a lovely arrangement and the mixing is top-notch. Sonic Pop Enjoyment.

6. Boards Of Canada | Roygbiv
Emulating the soundtracks from old projector films used for Public Schools in the 70s, Boards Of Canada nails it with this song. The warm analog sounds bring about a great sense of nostalgia.

7. The Human League | Don’t You Want Me
The hypnotic drum machine, the heavy synth riff, and those ultra-cool vocals (not to mention the band’s androgynous style in the Music Video) have earned a righteous place in 80s Pop Music history.

8. Bill Withers | Lovely Day
The warmth of the Wurlitzer gives me goose bumps in this incredibly vibe-y song. The Sun always comes out when listening to it.

9. Keane | Somewhere Only We Know
Tom Chaplin’s soaring vocals make this song a standout on Keane’s debut album Hopes And Fears.

10. Gerry Rafferty | Baker Street
One of my earliest Musical memories is this song coming on the radio. It has the greatest saxophone riff of all time.