WARMER MIXTAPES #1223 | by Narongrit Ittipolnavakul [Hope The Flowers/Hon Narongrit]/(Poxydonz, Disaster Of Abyss, SendingPop, Landfall, Step Touch) & Wasin Wainiya [Arm Wainiya] of HOLD ME and Willshare

SIDE A | by Narongrit Ittipolnavakul

1. L'Arc-En-Ciel | Jyojyoushi
The first song I listened in J-Music when I was 15. I goosebumped when I heard it. I didn’t know the meaning of it, but made me want to compose Japanese-style songs. It describes me right now and brings me closer to Music and Composition.

2. The Devil Wears Prada | Swords, Dragons, & Diet Coke
In 2010 there were many Metal-Core bands. I felt into this song because its unorthodox and heavy rhythms stirred me so much. That’s why I compose Music with heavy rhythms and focus on Bass rather than Treble.

3. miaou | Anything Goes
The first time I heard Post Rock Music. I was trying to find my favorite style from the American, European or Asian bands. Then I found miaou. I love their sweet Asian melodies and riffs and inspired me to compose Tsuki No Minna. Honestly, they are my main influence. I want to prove that I can make what I want. All or nothing.

4. Mono | Dream Odyssey
It makes me dream deep in Space. Mono is very good on making those moods. I’ve watched their live show in Thailand and loved it. Everything out from the instruments is gracefully integrated. And this is the another influence in my Music.

5. This Will Destroy You | Threads
While finding Post Rock Music the best fit for the idea in my work, I found This Will Destroy You. They have sweet guitar melodies and heavy rhythms. This is it! This is what I will combine with my Asian style.

6. Inspirative | Felicity Is Out There
The first Thai band I’ve known in Post Rock Music. They’re so great in describing the Thai style with their non-lyrical Music. It’s like they compose the Music inspired by the experiences in their own lives. It’s like they’re telling the story in the song. That makes me want to make my own Post Rock band.

7. Afternoon | Thomas Alva Edison
When I’ve listened to Inspirative I continued finding more Thai Post Rock bands from the Post Rock label named FinalKid. That's how I found Afternoon. First time I watched the video for this song I felt that I was missing someone and it brought back some old memories. It’s fantastic.

8. Enuff Z'Nuff | Fly High Michelle
They’re my favorite Hard Rock band. I admit that I’m not in their generation. I feel like growing up when I listen to their sound. I want to compose Music like them, have a fashion style like them... I love it! It has some Asian scents... But it’s up to your feeling.

9. Hammock | Ten Thousand Years Won't Save Your Life
This song encourages me, gives me a hope to fight the despair in my past. It’s like they bring me to the Stars. I always get some powers to stand and fight in my life and my journey. When I’m downhearted... I always pick this song.

10. Explosions In The Sky | The Only Moment We Were Alone
I didn’t like it a lot the first time I heard it. But on their live show in Thailand, in 2014, OH MY GOD!... It’s so powerful. It made me feel goosebumps and my heart shivered.

SIDE B | by Wasin Wainiya

1. Yellow Magic Orchestra | Rydeen 
First time I heard them on Live Earth (07/07/07), on TV. In a midst of many World's favorite bands, they were the last band in that broadcasting. I thought that they are really cool. And when I listened to this song in the show... I loved its peaceful melodies instantly. With Kiyomisu Temple in the background. It was a very epic show for me. And made me to be their fan.

2. Ryuichi Sakamoto | Energy Flow
Yellow Magic Orchestra brought me to him. After hearing this song, I suddenly dashed to my friend’s piano and composed my song named Cleansing. He’s my main influence in my own Music.

3. Inspirative | Felicity Is Out There
First Post Rock band I've heard. With the beautiful melodies and harsh harmonies in the last section of the song, I feel like I’m painting a picture that doesn't impress me enough. Then I splash the color into the picture and make a beautiful picture at last. I instantly loved Post Rock Music thanks to this song.

4. L'Arc-En-Ciel | Finale
I love their composition in this song. Long intro to make a mood, storytelling harmony and beautiful melodies. I have listened to this song nearly 50 times in a row.

5. Casiopea | Asayake
They bring me into the Jazz Fusion world with this song. With enthusiastic riffs, rhythms and the unorthodox chord progression, I fall in Love with this Music and I want to be able to play it. I’m still practicing...

6. Pat Metheny Group | Have You Heard?
Pat Metheny is a Jazz guitarist. He widens my Music World with his well-known exciting Jazz Music. With his unique Improvisation and Composition, he’s another inspiration to get various ideas from. This is the first song I heard from his group and I was thrilled with the exciting and funny rhythms.

7. Mogwai | Mogwai Fear Satan
They are my first foreign Post Rock band. I'm always amazed with their rages burst out from the song. It’s powerful and it feels like they blast all of their pain, anger, rage, fury... Everything in this song. Fantastic!

8. Slipknot | Surfacing
I’ve listened to this song since I was 8 via my elder brother. Everything from this song was new for me. The brutal riffs, heavy rhythms and harsh screams... I've been addicted and it made me fall into the Metal’s pit since then.

9. The Chemical Brothers | Elektrobank
Their Music is not only EDM. I think it has some IDM’s scent in it too. I feel the same like in the Music Video. It’s like the story. It brings me to another world of EDM.

10. Boards Of Canada | Reach For The Dead
The pure IDM, their Electronic Music is not for the clubs. It’s for the listeners! Well, not much synthesized sounds in this song. I can imagine anything freely while I’m listening. I can Free myself from the Real World to Imagination and do anything I want!