WARMER MIXTAPES #1258 | by Alexey Osadchy [SC49]

1. Transmuteo | Corporate Lotus
Meditative and relaxing track, completely clears the mind.

2. AL-90 | 95
After the start of the rhythm my head explodes, this is the True Rave Sound of '90s.

3. Rezzett | Yayla
Came on Rezzett EP. This man is constantly surprising, like his dirty wheezing sound, so should sound Techno.

4. Wanda Group | G S
This track forever. Seeing the video is very much inspired, do not confuse serious intentions and anger.

5. Dreams West | Super Gran Turismo
Two years ago I could listen to this song everyday, causing a lot of nostalgic memories.

6. Paul Hares | Tpsfckbt 
Many random tape beats in one track, inspires.

7. Ssaliva | Mental Ray
Ssaliva I associate with secret unreleased series The X-Files, with the same mood for something undiscovered or unexplored until the end.

8. Dolphin Tears | Spa World A
Casio SK-1 tape session, often listen to bedtime and during sleep.

9. The Cyclist | Black Train
45th sec. - something that makes me want to listen to this song many times.

10. James Ferraro | F-150 Night Eros At The Highway's End
Eleven minutes in one breath.