WARMER MIXTAPES #1353 | by Dragoş Udilă [Uddi]

I love Music. Music is everywhere around us. And it is like George Carlin said, Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the Music. It is hard for me to choose a certain number of songs that I like, that inspire me, but I tried and did my best with a short list of my all time favorites.

Photo by Florian Gîndilă

1. Snoop Dogg | Beautiful (feat. Pharrell,  Uncle Charlie Wilson)
This song has a positive vibe that I love and that gets to me.

2.  Raul Midón | State Of Mind
Raul Midón is the best example of what work and determination means. Him being blind, it takes an extra amount of love for Music, dedication and ambition in order to succeed. Respect.

3. Stevie Wonder | You And I (We Can Conquer The World)
Stevie Wonder is plain and simple The King.

4. OutKast | Ms. Jackson
This track has the typical sound of OutKast, the kind of sound I fell in love with by listening to this Ms. Jackson.

5. Faithless | Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali's an amazing song, a monument of Music.

6. 2Pac | Changes (feat. Talent)
2Pac is more than just a singer. He is an actor, producer and I would dare say even a poet.

7. Ray Charles | Georgia On My Mind (Hoagy Carmichael And His Orchestra Cover)
Now this is a great song, a tribute brought to Life and Music. Over the years, Georgia On My Mind was such an inspiring song for me. I even performed it in auditions at X Factor. My lucky charm.

8. Bob Marley & The Wailers | Redemption Song
Bob Marley is and will remain for the rest of my life a magnificent source of Inspiration for me. His Music brings joy and peace to my soul, his Music is a blessing.

9. Al Jarreau | Take Five (The Dave Brubeck Quartet Cover)
Take Five shows us that Simplicity is the key and that Music is everywhere around us.

10. DMX | Lord Give Me A Sign (A Capella)
DMX is such an amazing performer, whom I respect and cherish. His Music and his message fascinates me over and over again.