WARMER MIXTAPES #1437 | by Andrew Amoah [Dewy Sinatra]

1. The Artist (Formerly Known As Prince) | The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 
This is the first song I can recall remembering all the lyrics to. I couldn't have been more than 6 years old, and I remember owning it on cassette tape. I think that I subconsciously based my early ideas of singing off of Prince and this song. It's such a tune, I still play it to this day!

2. Kanye West | Love Lockdown 
Everybody says I'm a weirdo but 808s & Heartbreak's is my favourite Kanye album - it's just full of raw Emotion! I remember watching the MTV Awards and hearing him perform it for the first time and just falling in Love with the drums on chorus. It's the kind of song that's made to be sung live to make you feel every word and, for me, that's what Music is all about. This song really shaped the direction I took when I started experimenting making my own Music.

3. Gorillaz | Feel Good Inc. (feat. De La Soul)
Hands down one of the best bass lines ever played on a record. Whenever this comes on, I just feel like I know how to play bass and go a little crazy with the old air guitar.

4. Daniel Bedingfield | Gotta Get Thru This 
This song just takes me back to just starting Secondary School and getting to grips with the whole transition of starting to grow up. It's one of the songs I've listened to on a frequent basis up until today. Plus he's from my part of London (Lewisham), so always used this tune as motivation.

5. Dizzee Rascal | Round We Go
Boy In Da Corner is simply a classic album. The rhyme scheme and flow he uses on this tune is just mad and I remember feeling so happy when I learnt it word for word. She is the best friend of the ex girlfriend of an old school friend who is a close friend - just legendary! I bought this album and rinsed it on my old red Sony portable CD player. I used to be afraid to run for buses in case I scratched it! This tune started me on a very brief Grime career under the Buff Bwoi Rap moniker.

6. Eminem | Stan (feat. Dido)
Best Rap record ever made. Enough said.

7. Amy Winehouse | Back To Black 
This whole album was just epic to me and this song in particular just resonated in particular. It also brings me back to my first year at University, we had a PS2 in the front room and when people came over we'd play SingStar a lot and this was always the song we'd all go head to head on. It would get really serious, but was always great fun to have my housemates and friends over for a good ol' sing song.

8. John Legend | All Of Me
Just love this tune, it's the kind of song that makes you want to fall in Love and just be all sappy, haha. There's something about the Simplicity and Honesty I really love, and think those are the characteristics I always try to put into my own Music. A good friend of mine and I used to listen to this on repeat in the car whenever I'd drive her home, so there are fond memories attached to this song too.

9. The Black Keys | Howlin' For You 
I just want to jump whenever I play this, don't even know why, it's just such a tune with wicked energy. The drums are so fat on this record and the vocal is so catchy. I'm a massive Black Keys fan and really love the whole Brothers album, but this for me is just my favourite track, it just makes you want to be in a dingy bar rocking out.

10. Kings Of Leon | Use Somebody 
This is just an epic Love song, essentially kind of song you hear and makes you wanna be the lead singer and lead guitarist in a band and win your crushes heart with some sweet air guitar. Defo a tune for the summer, windows down and the breeze blowing with this tune blarring at full volume!

+11. Oasis | Wonderwall
Such a classic tune that makes me proud to be a British musician. You can't hear it and not wanna holler TODAY IS GONNA BE THE DAY...

+12. N*E*R*D | Rock Star
I was always a bit left growing up and wasn't the coolest. Hearing this brought back my love for Rock and Hip Hop and was mindblowing to me. Pharrell was always a musician I identified with and this is just a classic rebel N*E*R*D song, haha.

+13. Fugees | Ready Or Not 
This tune was a staple in my house growing up, my dad would play it in his old Mazda and my mum would be blarring it in the kitchen JVC system throughout the house. This was the kind of Hip Hop I grew up on, and Lauryn Hill's verse on this was epic - I just love the line Ready or not, refugees taking over, The Buffalo Soldier, dreadlock Rastaaa...