WARMER MIXTAPES #1436 | by Tyrone Broughton [$1 Bin]

1. L.V. | I Am L.V.
Oh, my God, this song is one of those classic Old School 90’s R&B tracks. No matter where you hear Music like this you’re going to instantly feel it. In 2008/2009, I was making Music with a Roland SP 404. I came across this song when looking for samples on YouTube and I fell in Love. I wish artists nowadays would take notes from R&B like this.

2. A-1 The Supergroup | Everywhere We Go
This has been the greatest turn up song for me in 2014. I have never heard a chorus this fun and catchy. The first time I heard this track was while I was doing a live mix for Gold River Show on East Village Radio. Every time I DJ live I play this song because it works. It’s meant to be a Turn Up! song. That’s exactly what it makes you want to do when you hear it… Turn up! A-1 The Supergroup has made several remixes of it. They’ve put different rappers on it, but the original version, with Blitz on the 3rd verse, is just the best. I think this is the only song in my DJ career that I’ve used all three mixes. The song is just that good to me.

3. Cajmere | Brighter Days 2011 (feat. Dajae) (Just Blaze Dub Mix)
In 2011, I was a Just Blaze fanatic. It is such a classic House remix. Just Blaze had elements of the original record in all 3 remixes he had contributed towards the EP. Not too many House remixes nowadays are being released the way this was. Things like this stand out to me. This is another tune I always play when I’m performing live. It gives off that classic 90’s NYC House Club vibe especially from 5:47 – 6:50. That part right there is my all lights off in the club secret weapon. I was searching so hard for a download link of the entire Brighter Days 2011 (Just Blaze Remixes) EP on the Internet. It came to a point where everyday I would get on a computer and look for a torrent, .rar or .zip of it. I eventually found it and I’ve had it since.

4. R. Kelly | Not Feelin' The Love
This is my grown and sexy classic joint right here. The opening string on this song gives me this warm autumn feeling that I can never get enough of. The song actually opened up my ears to how magnificent R. Kelly’s production team was. The instrumental is silky smooth. From the Rhodes keyboard spread throughout the track; to the live bass guitar played during the bridge; to the first bar drum loop that’s tucked flawlessly under the entire song. Everything fits perfectly. It is such a classic R&B song in my opinion. I mean, it is R. Kelly!

5. Heltah Skeltah | Da Beginning Of Da End
This track is a perfect example of that classic “Boom Bap Break Ya Neck Rap”. I instantly begin to nod my head as soon as I hear the beat. Ruck and Rock bless the track with that gritty NYC Rap. The beat is just phenomenal. Truthfully, words can’t express how I feel about the instrumental… It’s too perfect. I still can’t find the sample that was used. I’ve been looking online since 2008. Now that I think about it… Heltah Skeltah - D.I.R.T. is the last physical CD that I’ve bought until date. Isn’t that something?

6. Revl9n | Walking Machine (SebastiAn Remix)
I want to start off by saying I have NEVER heard any Music that sounded the way this did in my life. So not only was this groundbreaking to my ears, but it is a fucking amazing remix. The way SebastiAn cut up the original A Capella was so different and abstract. It’s hard for me to put into words. It’s as if he cut pieces of several words and pieced them together like a collage. I honestly can’t describe it. You have to hear it for yourself. SebastiAn’s drum and synth work in this song is relentless as usual. The way he phrases his synth lines is fucking out of this world! I can not stress enough how crazy this song is. Matter of fact, this is my favorite remix of all time.

7.  Talib Kweli & Hi Tek: Reflection Eternal | The Blast (feat. Vinia Mojica)
This song brings me back to being in my living room on the house computer. Back when WinMX, LimeWire & AOL chat rooms were prominent things in my life. I surely miss those days. This entire song is just magnificent. From the flow of shakers; to the kick and snare; to the milky bass line. Not to mention the three notes that is played with that guitar-ish sound. The song is so good I can’t even decipher what the main sound. This mystery makes the song even more special to me now.

8. A Tribe Called Quest | Lyrics To Go
I want to start off by saying this is my favorite song of all time. This song takes me back to being in Australia in 2006. I had an mp3 player that died on me. I had to borrow my Camp Counselor’s iPod. She had the entire catalogue of A Tribe Called Quest on there. Lyrics To Go stood out… The instrumental and lyrics complements each other in such a graceful way. It felt serene!

9. Snoop Dogg Presents Tha Eastsidaz | G'd Up
Wow! This is just one of those feel good tracks. I don’t even remember the first time or first place I heard it. But every time I hear this track it always brings me back to Middle School. I think what drew me to the song was the production by DJ Battlecat. I can’t talk enough about how wonderful and open this feels to me. That 8th note triangle pattern with the electric keyboard chords tuck underneath the entire song makes everything complete. This is definitely another one of those songs that’ll always bring me back to a memory in my life.

10. $1 Bin | Pull Ya Pussy Out (feat. Lil Friday & Jim Valmont)
I have a Love/Hate relationship with this song. This song is the longest song to be published in my career. I made the beat in 2009 for a particular rapper in mind. He didn’t get to it so I held on to it. Fast forward to 2012, we recorded it in my manager’s basement and the rest is history! In a party setting, this song sets it off! Nine times out of ten, the crowd feeds off the energy of the song. Definitely a favorite of mine.