WARMER MIXTAPES #1455 | by Peter Siahna Wadham [Wonderfeel] of Insyte

 1. The Art Of Noise | Close (To The Edit)
Oooooh, Yeah!!! Chunky wild Experimental, freeky dance grooves from deep in the 80s... Film clip is brilliant too. Love that jerky car start riff, and the cool jittery piano riff, classic! These folks were absolute revolutionaries! They championed Sampler-Based Creativity. Samplers are the key to unique Organic Sound. Kudos to Art Of Noise!

2. Laurie Anderson | Born, Never Asked
Laurie, you are the High Priestess of Digital Culture. You take us on journeys so deep, so conceptual. The Bliss I felt embedded in me when I saw you live in Melbourne was glorious! This piece is so freeking cool. It is patient, unique, textural, hypnotic and just mega-creative.

3. George Clinton | Bullet Proof
Before I had ever heard of Parliament or Funkadelic I discovered George Clinton in his 80s glory. Working with all the New Tech to create masterful grooves. I was a teenager about to travel overseas listening to RRR Radio on my Walkman at the aiport. This track came on, it was a revolution in my soul. How can Music be so powerful, so contemporary, so tuff and so damned FUNKY!!?

4. George Kranz | Din Daa Daa
Someone say Powerful Funky 80s? From the mega subway battle scene in Beat Street. The intensity of this track and it’s Tribal roots are magnificent. I once held a birthday party, and sourced an extended mix of this on a CD from Belgium. It arrived just in time, when the track was about to play I literally dragged people inside to experience it’s joy. Is there a better mid track kick-in in Music History?!

5. Leftfield | Original (with Toni Halliday)
Sheeesh, just sheeesh! How slick, deep, bassy and dubby is this 90s masterpiece... And I am so thankful for DJs who are scared to play an occasional Mainstream track in their sets. I was at a small warehouse party when I first heard this. It just blew me away. So well crafted. So immersive. Just genius, well done, Leftfield.

7. Major Lazer | Get Free (feat. Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors)
Bliss. Pure Bliss. Diplo has done a million different things, and I’m stoked he was my intro into Baile Funk. But this track is just sublime, so soulful. Gorgeously produced, a light touch on the rhythm parts, excellent mix of voice into instrumentation, beautiful singing and lyrics, espesh reference to feeling like a battery hen. I could listen to this all day. My iTunes says I have only played it 106 times, here’s to 1000 more!

8. Dub Phizix | Illusions
Ten years ago I was feeling Music Culture was totally stuck. All the Rock sounded samey, and the Electronic stuff horrendously samey. I was hungry for people offering something creative... Then I heard Ranking Records crew and their classy atmospheric Dubstep. Viva La Revolution. There’s been a few yummy offshoots from this, and, surprisingly for me, I am finding the most life in Drum And Bass. Evolutionaries abound, such as Clarity, Chimpo and this Dub Phizix. So solid dark and freaky, the production creativity is top freekin’ notch! Love yas!

9. Shackleton | In The Void
I mean this is just freaking glorious. As a primo innovator from the dubstep and drum and bass forms, here’s Shackleton. Blimey Charley!! Organic, uber-deep and freeform in a way like no other. This fellow is a genius, I had bought everything you’ve released and will continue to do so. Viva Shackleton.

10. Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam | If You Want To Sing Out Sing Out
Cat, as he was then known, provided the soundtrack for my all time favourite movie ‘Harold and Maude’ from 1971. A gorgeous tale of a lonely frustrated boy who acts out fake suicides, who then meets a feisty 80-year-old who teaches him a thing or two about living! They play this song together in the movie, I love it!! Just a gorgeous affirmation of living our exuberant uniqueness!!

+11. Peer Kusiv | Someone Told Me
This track. This track! This is the perfect track for 2015 as we enter Year of the Sheep, soft flowing and heart-rendingly emotive. A young German producer, not even sure who’s singing, is it Peer..? This is absolutely sublime. Soothes my nerves and enlivens my soul. I played it twice at New Year! Besotted, peace.