WARMER MIXTAPES #1504 | by Jim Sellars [Hyde/Electric Sea Spider]

1. Autechre | Pen Expers
As a kid, I would sometimes drool everywhere from sheer concentration whilst ripping guitar solos in my room. I have the same feeling with this track. It flushes all of my thoughts out. Flawless track, amazing duo, forever inspiring.

2. Ramones | She's A Sensation
My favourite band of all time. I remember one time I got on the wrong bus to school. I stayed on there and took the whole day off. It went out to the countryside and I listened to the Ramones for about 3 hours straight.

3. Clarence Clarity | Alive In The Septic Tank
I am obsessed with this underrated album. Dissecting it (the dense production, genre-crossing, insane hooks, mind games) is almost a hobby of mine. It's like a massive magic eye book. I have to shout out my pal Adam for this one.

4. Dutch E Germ | Black Sea
A few months ago I cleared out a dance floor playing the end of this track at someone's place. I thought it would go off. I brought them back instantly with some extremely safe House tracks. I like those moments, but I also need a constant reminder that not everybody feels a rush from the same thing.

5. Untold | Strange Dreams
It shakes my bones and I would lose my mind if I heard this at a club (in his words, to blow the cobwebs away). I was really inspired reading about how this album was made in an interview he did with Spin, too. Totally adventurous.

6. Dinosaur Jr | Ocean In The Way
The solo at 2:50 will crush you into a paste if you're going through something. This album definitely got me through a rough patch. I also have to credit the infamous interviews with J Mascis (which I collect like trading cards) that are a huge source of entertainment.

7. Nirvana | Things You Do
From Australia. Not the band, although I love them too. This is my pal Camryn who I lived with a while back. A heavy and very emotional Footwork cut. I always have a hawk's eye on what he is up to and I fell in Love with this one immediately.

8. Ramzi | A Jungle For Ramzi
I felt chills listening to this loud for the first time. Incredible Dub Music. I don't have a story about this one, but her tracks made me passionate about Music again after I was struggling to find something that I connected with.

9. Mr Oizo | Z
I could fill this list with Ed Banger Records and French House, but I have to keep my restraint. I turned 18 when that Music was conquering teen house parties. Although this one is more recent (and, side note, along with a lot of Ed Banger stuff, underrated in terms of Sampling/Creative Production), it brings it all back; Spiderbait all over my walls and textbooks, getting sunburnt at Big Day Out 2003, the taste of salt after a tequila shot, etc.

10. Nuno Canavarro | Blu Terra 
I don't have a story with this one either, but I love this track and the tension and movements take me to amazing places. I know absolutely nothing about Nuno Canavarro and I wanna keep it a mystery.