1. Kate Bush | Babooshka
Never For Ever was the first album I bought with my own money. I was completely obsessed with this album and would have it on heavy rotation as teenager! Babooshka was just bonkers! I loved all the smashing glass at the end, and her crazy vocals and words! Amazing, Kate is a very unique artist and one I still love today!

2. Arvo Pärt | Cantus In Memoriam Benjamin Britten (Performed by Staatsorchester Stuttgart; Conductor: Dennis Russell Davies)
For a few years I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the proms at the Royal Albert Hall and in 2010 I was present at the live performance of this piece. I was completely transported emotionally, one of those moments you will never forget! I love his work as a composer, so emotive and never to the point of over doing the Music. I have been so inspired by Arvo and for me, whatever the work, it often moves me to tears!

3. Vangelis | One More Kiss, Dear (with Don Percival) (Blade Runner Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Had to include something from the Blade Runner Soundtrack as the film and Music has been a huge influence on my own artistic journey! I have also a huge love for the 20/30’s era, Music, Fashion and Art. This brings a combination of both my love of the Future and of the Past. I often imagine myself dancing around a beautiful ballroom to this song in my best 1920’s dress!

4. PJ Harvey | Down By The Water
PJ Harvey always reminds me of one of my oldest friends Paul Jason Fredericks, who has performed with me over the years. He has now relocated to Australia and I miss him! So this is a song that always reminds me of him and brings a wry smile to my face! I have seen her live a few times and have huge respect for her work and never afraid to really put her money where her mouth is, thought provoking work whatever she puts her hand too!

5. Jacky | White Horses (The White Horses Original Soundtrack)
This song transports me back to my childhood and the summer holidays! This is the theme tune to a TV series that always seemed to be on during the summer holidays. I also have a love of horses that obviously drew me to the show in the first place. The TV show was pretty cheesy, but I still love this song all the same.

6. Max Richter | Summer 3 (Vivaldi - The Four Seasons - Recomposed, Performed with Daniel Hope/Konzerthaus Kammerorchester Berlin/André De Ridder)
This is one of my favourite albums to listen to when on the train! It is the perfect accompaniment as I speed past the beautiful countryside heading to the big smoke London! I moved out of London a few years ago and now reside by the sea! This Music sums up so much of where I live now and where I have lived before. It paints wonderful pictures and it the best soundtrack for a long train journey too! I think Max is one of the most interesting of composers that seems to straddle both Contemporary and Classical Music. I met him many years ago when he was working with The Future Sound Of London.

7. The Cloak Ox | King Rope (with Tunde Adebimpe, Mankwe Ndosi)
Andrew Broder is a genius! He for me is someone who oozes so much talent without even having to try! A clever wordsmith as well. I met him back when I was signed to Ninja Tune; through him I got to meet an amazing bunch of musicians in Minneapolis. I loved the place so much I recorded White Rabbits in the basements and living rooms of these amazing people. I feel so blessed to of worked alongside such down to earth folk. This is my homage to them and all the amazing work they continue to produce!

8. Daughter | Youth
I discovered Youth a few years back and just love her voice, I find it soothing and this track is on my play list when I run! It just seems to spur me on if I am feeling a little tired. Plus the lyrics have a kind of running theme, all be it about Love and Loss, but brilliant all the same! The guitar is just stunning too.

9. Harold Budd/Elizabeth Fraser/Robin Guthrie/Simon Raymonde | She Will Destroy You
I had to include a Cocteau Twins track, just because. Liz Fraser has always fascinated me, she is a bit of an enigma and I know rarely enjoyed performing live. Her style is so unique and no one in my estimation has even come close, not even Björk I am afraid to say. It is unfortunate, if you are a quirky female vocalist, you are often compared to the latter or Liz Fraser, that kind of annoys me, but I guess it must be a compliment in a weird kind of way.

10. Vessels | The Sky Was Pink (Cover Version of Holden's Remix of Nathan Fake's 'The Sky Was Pink')
This is another track I love running to, it just has that driving beat that lifts up when it kicks in! It has an almost reminiscence about it for me, taking me back to my days of raving, dancing till the Sun comes up in some far flung field off the M25!