WARMER MIXTAPES #1598 | by Danny Sanchez [Kissing Kalina]/(Severin) and Jeremy Sliwerski (IDKFA) of Kalli Ma

SIDE A | by Danny Sanchez

1. Suicide | Rocket U.S.A.
Soundtrack of my head, still obsessed with their first album after all these years.

2. Iggy And The Stooges | Search And Destroy
I listened to this song so many times that it became part of my DNA. Fury in a nutshell.

3. Echo & The Bunnymen | The Killing Moon
The most beautiful song ever.

4. The Velvet Underground & Nico | All Tomorrow’s Parties
Could be any Velvet's song really. My favourite band ever, a blueprint for pretty much everything that matters in Music. Sound, Visuals, Presence and Concept. Perfection.

5. HEALTH | Glitter Pills
I will never forget the first time I saw them play live, on their debut album tour. It was like a bomb exploding in my head. They are very much ahead of their time.

6. Blanck Mass | Dead Format
I love Fuck Buttons, but this track (from the solo project of Benjamin John Power) is a personal favourite.

7. Factory Floor | ~ (R E A L L O V E)
Build, build and repeat. Build, build and repeat. And dance. The synths are insane on this.

8. ESG | You Make No Sense
Super special track, always pulls me up when I’m down and a permanent presence on my DJ sets.

9. Crash Course In Science | Jump Over Barrels
These guys are so underrated, I think they are beginning to finally getting the recognition they deserve. This song transcends boundaries.

10. Model 500 | No UFO's (Vocal)
Another one I DJ regularly. I can’t tell whether it’s Electro or Techno, and it doesn’t matter. That bass...

SIDE B | by Jeremy Sliwerski

1. Beltram | Energy Flash
The greatest Dance track, let alone Techno track, of all time. Utterly hypnotic.

2.  Leftfield. Bambaataa | Afrika Shox
Seemingly simple but, anytime I try and write anything close to it, I realise it’s a one of a kind track.

3. Wu-Tang Clan | Protect Ya Neck 
Best track off the greatest Hip Hop album ever.

4. Deftones | Be Quiet And Drive
Probably my favourite band and I never get tired of hearing this song. One of the few tracks, I feel, that the stripped down Acoustic version sounds just as good as the original. RIP Chi.

5. Bj√∂rk | All Is Full Of Love 
The most talented singer of all time. Both versions of this track as well as the Chris SU Remix are just sublime. I’m extremely lucky to have seen her play this track live as well.

6. Gesaffelstein | Viol 
Hearing this track for the first time completely changed the way I write Music. It had everything I was looking for and wanted to make, a pummelling relentless sound but with such a simple understated groove.

7. Smashing Pumpkins | Mayonaise
Simply beautiful.

8. Tool | Parabol
+ Parabola... Has to be watched with the full 10 minute video for the whole experience.

9. Mos Def & Massive Attack | I Against I (Blade II Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
So original. Completely unlike anything either has done before.

10. Future Sound Of London | Papua New Guinea
An all time Dance classic.