WARMER MIXTAPES #1604 | by Ngassa Tchanga [Ngassa] of Blue Jay

1. Alien Alien | Sambaca
I discovered that song while I was working in Romania 2 months in mid 2013. I love this track because it is very dirty, very hypnotic. It is like Backroom Music, engaging you to stick your dick in any crazy hole... Music to get raunchy while dancing on the ocean floor... So far I never knew who or what this Sambaca is... Whenever I hear it, I gotta dance like I'm in a weird/cheap strip club downtown, under the influence of a deadly valentine.

2. Tweet | Oops (Oh My)
Way back then when I used to go to club many times in the week, I used to beg the DJ to play this track. It's lazy, it's groovy, it's yummy, it's sleazy, you don't have to move much on it 'cause it is a masterpiece. It's a clever Sensual Seduction within you and yourself, 'cause it deals with Masturbation. Pure FUEGO LENTO.

3. Grimes | Genesis
This song is so refreshing, trippy, uplifting, positive, dreamy. The chant is like an hymn making you travel. It calms you down while it's telling a secret: nothing is certain, that's the way it is and it's not a bad thing, so all you gotta do is to keep watering the garden of your house of Chill. It's a bit geek, but not too much, there is a litlle Flirt flavour. It's an ode for the free spirits.

4. Lenny Kravitz | American Woman (The Guess Who Cover) (Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Original Soundtrack)
Lenny is unique to me. As a child in the 90s in Cameroon (Africa) I had little access to Pop Culture or MTV. Lenny was the first black dude I ever saw on TV with dreadlocks. He was marginal, unconventional, 'cause he was more into Rock than straight Hip Hop/R&B or Reggae. That's why he became my hero. I love many songs from him. I picked this one 'cause it's the one I think where he is the sexiest. Pure orgasm for my ears near the end of the song where he vocally let it all out. R&B was always my first Musical Love, because it fits my personality like a glove. However, as I grow old, Rock became an ally to take a stand and to rebel.

5. Antonio Adolfo | Killer Joe (Lionel Hampton Cover)
I love me some Brazillian Music or Bossa Nova. Indeed, this joint right here is Pure Lively Bliss. You can't help but shaking your hips. I love the horns, the drums, all that merges with a soft, smart frenzy and Elegance... Much like a hypnotic tropical fiesta at Copacabana.

6. Ralph Tresvant | Sensitivity
Good boys don't always finish last... Naturally so, I mean... I truly hope so. You know, like Michael Jackson, I am a lover, not a fighter. Indeed, what I enjoy the most in this smooth R&B song is that it sounds like a track Michael could have sung. It's very similar to his song Fly Away (from the Bad album's bonus tracks) with a faster beat. I like the Tenderness, the energy and the soft vocal layers. All that mix relaxes me, it gives me hope that someday I could give some Spiritual Love to somebody. Honey, I'm out there! I like the message because the singer is a firm believer that between him and the bad boy, a girl can choose him. (For real?)

7. Myrtille | Murmures
Sometimes Less is More. This French Pop/Folk song gets me everytime I play it. It reminds me how fortunate I am to live in the suburbs next to the country, away from the stress of the big city. I like to space off in the green landscapes with my son. Those precious moments stops Time.

8. Ibrahim Maalouf | Illusions
Prog Music is a genre that I am growing to love more and more as I grow old. This song is so intense... I mean... The climax always gives me shivers.

9. Monique Seka | Okaman
It's 'bout time for some African Music, alright! Though I was born in France, still I have lived in Africa from 2 until I got 14 years old. This song is a brilliant mix of Afro Pop, Afro Zouk and African Music. It is so irresistible, you got to get your groove on and dance with your baby on it! I like it because it is a nice song for EVERYBODY, you can dance together with your lovely one or with your mother, your sister, your kids and so on... Therefore I always put this song each time we got family gatherings (Eastern, Christmas or summer barbecues), because I am always asked to be the DJ, of course.

10. Janet Jackson | Empty
Last, but not least. Everybody that knows me well, knows I'm a Janet Jakson fan. It all started back in 1997 when the album The Velvet Rope was out. It was the first time ever that on an album I liked every song present on it without skipping. The song that resonated the most is Empty. I was 15 years old, still trying to adjust from the African life to the European life. I felt weird like a creep, out of place, 'cause I just had discovered I might be gay. I felt support while listening to that album, it was like a cure. I love this Futuristic Trip Hop track 'cause it had some African vibes mixed with some New Zealand chant (I was obsessed in that time with New Zealand after a trip there in mid 1996). Moreover, the subject matter was also ahead of its time in today's age of Tinder/Grindr and so on... As it deals with long distance relationships. HOW EMPTY OF ME TO BE SO FULL OF YOU...