WARMER MIXTAPES #1605 | by Nathalia Bruno [DRIFT.] of PHOSPHOR and Leave The Planet

Photo by Andreia Lemos

1. Nico | Frozen Warnings
Shivers down my spine... Each time.

2. Portishead | Machine Gun
Mesmerising, brutal, beautiful.

3. Nancy Sinatra | Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (Cher Cover)
Elegant, sexy, a masterpiece.

4. Rowland S. Howard | Autoluminescent
Only a tortured soul could write a song this heart wrenching...

5. Death In June | The Calling (Mk II)
Never fails to make me dance.

6. John Cale | Big White Cloud
When I stand with my back to The Sea...
A big white cloud, looking right down on me...
The sound of The Sun missing my eyes...
Everything's clear, everything's bright.
7. Vision Fantom | Eternity 2000
If you have never heard it, hear it.

8. Colin Newman | Alone
Haunts my dreams...

9. HTRK | Rent Boy
Sexy and erotically clever.

10. The Stooges | Dirt
Never. Want. This. Track. To. End.

+11. Nitzer Ebb | Let Your Body Learn
Memories of playing in Europe in my days in PHOSPHOR...
+12. Leonard Cohen | Suzanne (Judy Collins Cover)
A classic, but nonetheless a favourite forever...

+13. Diana Ross | Love Hangover
Voice + woman of anyone’s dream.

+14. Ebo Taylor | Love And Death
Love and Death
go hand in hand...
The way to your grave...
Is just the same

+15. Jefferson Handkerchief | I'm Allergic To Flowers
Fitting for the Spring/Summer season... Achooo!