WARMER MIXTAPES #1610 | by Severino Panzetta [Severino] of Hyena Stomp, The Age Of Steam, Up Yours and Horse Meat Disco

1. Patti Austin | Body Language
SEXY GROOVE... So charming too. Her voice is incredible. Amazing song. Bass line is a killer.

2. Mr. Fingers | What About This Love (Extended Version)
I ADORE Larry Heard... It's proper Chicago House. This song is so beautiful. The vibe is so lovely and sexy.

3. Pat Metheny Group | So May It Secretly Begin
It's proper Fusion Jazz. So amazing and relaxing. Proper Music. Everything from them, also on ECM label, was incredible...

4. Mark Hollis | The Colour Of Spring
This entire album is incredible. His voice is so beautiful. Also Talk Talk made amazing songs.

5. Sade | Is It A Crime
Of course Sade needs to be here! Again, super sexy and sensual. Everything from her
is so good...

6. Pink Floyd | Us And Them
Proper Psychedelic show. I grew up with my sister's records. This is one of my favorite albums EVER.

7. Giorgio Moroder | Knights In White Satin (The Moody Blues' 'Nights In White Satin' Disco Cover)
The entire album is a Disco journey of this cover. Giorgio Moroder before I Feel Love. Even though I Feel Love is still a masterpiece too.

8. Herbie Hancock | Stars In Your Eyes (Special Disco Remix)
Another GREAT musician and another amazing song. The lyrics are fantastic too. Just so beautiful and charming...

9. Airto | Free
Proper Brazilian Music.

10. Chrisma | U (Part. I)
Italian crazy duo (an actual couple too) from late 70s. They blew my mind a bit when I was 8 years old. CRAZY!