WARMER MIXTAPES #1614 | by Peter Tran [Curved Light/Body Wishes]/(Hume, Les Rhinocéros) of HD Sunrise

1. Karlheinz Stockhausen | Studie II
Maximalism within Minimalism - Sine Waves and Space in a plethora of Pitch and rhythmic recombinations. Sound untethered from preconception, yet somehow through-composed.

2. Brian Eno - David Byrne | Help Me Somebody
Looped and sampled Music all done with tape splicing? We all need to take more cues from Eno's constant, subtle shifting of Timbre and Rhythm in otherwise static pieces. Also can't get enough of that slap-back kick.

3. Harald Grosskopf | So Weit, So Gut
Sequenced Kraut without the use of sequencers, Perfection and Imperfection. Actually, I can't really hear The Imperfection.

4. Herbie Hancock | Rain Dance
Before the droll of Head Hunters' era Herbie, there was Mwandishi's equivalent to Electric Miles. Electric Free Jazz but with a modular synth - I'm surprised more people aren't picking up the mantle.

5. Toshimaru Nakamura | Nimb #1
The first attempt is often the purest (and arguably, best) form of Expression. Nearly atonal - slowly modulating feedback environments derived from minimal process and minimal equipment.

6. Nico | Frozen Warnings
Droning strings give way to (an unmistakable) voice, yet maintain abstract structure. What is a song?

7. Brett Naucke | Executable Dreamtime
Lush textures tastefully strewn with electric crackling - the sound of an autonomous machine.

8. Nobukazu Takemura | Icefall
Simplicity of concept combined with perfect execution - taking Distortion and Noise to create rhythmic beauty.

9. Laurie Spiegel | East River Dawn
The feel of a live performance committed to tape, which we can all only dream to achieve. Forget sleep concerts - just play this on repeat.

10. Charles Cohen | Slow Blue And Horizontal
I saw Charles Cohen perform in Baltimore in 2014. I didn't realize it then, but this experience would eventually lead me to the Modular Synthesizer. This piece is unlike the rest of his repertoire, as it doesn't quite showcase the Buchla, but displays rather impressive discipline and restraint.

+11. DBX | Losing Control 
The only song I listen to in the car.