WARMER MIXTAPES #1616 | by Liam O'Donnell of Various Cruelties

1. M83 | Midnight City
Love this snippet of Euphoria. I don't know how many times I have listened to this song... I've listened to this pretty much everywhere. On a mountain top, on the underground and heard it blaring from other people's car stereos. Much to my approval.

2. Sam Airey | The Blackout
This song was apparently written during a powercut where the artist had nothing else to do except create this wonderful song. Hence the title of the song, The Blackout. I think it's a really clever story.

3. Department S | Is Vic There?
I heard this in 2011 for the first time. Originally released in 1980. I thought it sounded a bit like Joy Division. So I checked it out on YouTube. I love grainy old performances from Top Of The Pops and this certainly is that!

4. Noon | Three Mile Island
Check this out. It's a track taken from the London outfit's first Improvisation album. It's noisy, sweaty Madness. I know for a fact it was recorded in a Victorian cellar in deepest darkest East London. You know, the sort of place where rats are king and humans are subsurvient.

5. Paul Thomas Saunders | Appointment In Sammara
This is so haunting. Just think this guy is incredible and his live shows are absolutely spellbinding. I normally have to sit down afterwards.

6. Lana Del Rey | Video Games
I first saw the video to this song and realised there's loads of shots of Los Angeles. Luckily enough, we went there to record our first album. Feels like a great reflective soulful memory.

7. Michael Kiwanuka | I'm Getting Ready
This is truely beautiful. A phenomenal vocal and spiritual guitar playing. Sort of reminds me a bit of Richie Havens, who is up there with my all time favourite singers. But then I hate comparisons. They are generally lazy! Anyway, definitely something good in this guy!

8. Tribes | When My Day Comes
Great Indie Pop Music. Too bad they disbanded...

9. Gloria Jones | Come Go With Me
A true Northern Soul superstar. Been listening to this since I discovered she was in the car with Marc Bolan when he died in 1977 and that they had a child together. I never knew that!

10. Bob Dylan | Not Dark Yet
Always got a Dylan track on my mind. This is it at the moment. I've been down at the bottom of a whirlpool of lies... Fantastic lyrics as always and beautifully played and sung.