WARMER MIXTAPES #1617 | by Brett Gleason

1. Zwan | Declarations Of Faith 
This album came along when I needed someone to tell it was okay to feel okay and hearing my childhood hero Billy Corgan declare his faith in Faith was all I needed.

2. Patrick Wolf | The Magic Position 
If the incessant beat and riff don’t move you to march past your troubles, the lyrics will remind you that all you need is the right person to make your forget your pain. The second I hear this song I have a smile on face.

3. The Smiths | Sheila Take A Bow 
Come out and find the one that you love and who loves you! - I always loved that line, this song encapsulates the feelings of the start of the Friday night, the feeling of Hope, the excitement that anything can happen.

4. PJ Harvey | The Community Of Hope 
An insanely catchy song about how the support of a community can transcend the direst circumstances.

5. R.E.M. | Departure 
Everybody is young forever! So much to tell you, so little time… Even at 19 when I first discovered this album, this line struck me as poignant and inspiring and truly exciting.

6. Björk | Hyper-ballad 
I’m right there with her early morning at the cliff, before The World wakes, gathering my strength to face the day.

7. The Smashing Pumpkins | Inkless
It’s a perfect night out with your friends that you don’t want to end, the feeling of Infinity, that moment you’re always trying to manufacture but can only organically come about and you have to seize when it comes.

8. Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra | Want It Back 
The ultimate post breakup revenge song. The groove, riff and hook will get you out of your slump immediately.

9. St. Vincent | Regret 
The instant this energizing song hits, you’ll see how great it can feel to let go of all that bitter regret.

10. Kate Bush | Running Up That Hill
If the simple visual of the title doesn’t inspire, watch the video and try to do the dance, that should do that.