WARMER MIXTAPES #1632 | by Frank Cervantes (The City Music Project) and Josh Dowiak of The Once Was and RETROGLYPHS

SIDE A | by Frank Cervantes

1. Madonna | Borderline
To us, the ultimate 80s classic. An incredible synth bassline. Madonna's convincing vocals really sell this track. She sounds so natural and she doesn't overdo it like today's Modern Pop singers.

2. Talking Heads | This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
The best song ever? It just might be. Talking Heads were bringing synths to the Mainstream helping pave the way for the 80s.

3. David Bowie | Young Americans 
Another classic that inspired the Music of the 80s and still inspires artists to this day. Bowie is a true icon.

4. FM-84 | Running In The Night (feat. Ollie Wride)
When we first started working on RETROGLYPHS, we were largely unfamiliar with a lot of the newer acts on the scene. Most of our influences are genuinely from the 80s. We searched Retro Wave on YouTube, this is the first song that came up and we immediately loved. Then we discovered the NewRetroWave label, and we've been listening to their artists ever since.

5. Kavinksy | Nightcall (feat. Lovefoxxx)
What new Synthwave artist wasn't inspired by the movie Drive? The movie basically jump started the whole scene.

6. The War On Drugs | An Ocean In Between The Waves
There are a lot of great Indie Rock bands incorporating Synth and the influence of 80s Production into their Music. Our favorite of these is definitely The War On Drugs, you can hear their influences, but their Music still feels new.

7. Tears For Fears | Pale Shelter
When it comes to full band instrumentation 80s Music, look no further than Tears For Fears.

8. The Cure | Close To Me
The Cure is so charming, and people tell us we sound like them all the time (?).

9. The Smiths | This Charming Man
Speaking of Charming, this was the first Smiths songs I discovered, and I still think its their best.

10. a-ha | Take On Me 
My favorite Music Video ever. Music and images, a great partnership that really exploded with the onset of MTV in the 80s. When we grew up, MTV was for watching Music Videos and this was one of the best.

+11. RETROGLYPHS | Two Years (Jowie Schulner Remix) 
Honorable mention! The greatest reward about being a musician is in the Creation Process. There's also something really special about when another artist takes your work and makes it their own. We Love what Dutch artist Jowie Schulner did with our song Two Years.

SIDE B | by Josh Dowiak

1. Daft Punk | Robot Rock 
The record label Astralwerks had such an amazing roster at the turn of The Century. Daft Punk was my favorite and most influential band to come out of that group.

2. 10cc | I'm Not In Love
Speaking of Astralwerks, Sofia Coppola loved to include their artists in the soundtracks of her movies, as well as some amazing classic Retro tunes. This Synth-laden Love song pioneered the Synthwave movement.

3. Herbie Hancock | Watermelon Man
I was a student of Jazz and Classical and started out playing the double bass. I also Love synths, and nobody combined all of those elements together better than Herbie.

4. STS9 | Tokyo
When it comes to Live Improv Electronica, STS9 is my favorite on the scene.

5. Marvin Gaye | What's Happening Brother
Marvin Gaye is my favorite Soul singer and his message is just as relevent today as it was during his era, and James Jamerson is one of the best bass players, period.

6. Radiohead | Reckoner 
One of my favorite groups of all time, it's hard to pick one track for a playlist... Reckoner has a really unique arrangement.

7. George Clinton | Atomic Dog 
Parliament-Funkadelic... Masters of the Funky Synth, you just gotta get down and Funky every once in a while! Bootsy on the bass!

8. Grateful Dead | Shakedown Street 
The Dead were incorporating synths and sounds into their Improv, and Jerry had Midi effects on his guitar. They innovated their instruments at every turn, so much more than just a jam band.

9. Talking Heads | Life During Wartime 
They have these Minimalist arrangements that simultaneously blow your mind wide open.

10. Paul Simon | I Know What I Know
Bass is my primary instrument and Graceland-era basslines are Funky!