WARMER MIXTAPES #1633 | by Jowie Schulner [JOOWI] of Swartz & Schulner

1. Jeff Wayne | The Eve Of War 
One of the songs that stands out and has everything in it.

2. The Tornados | Telstar 
A lot of times people compared me with this song and Joe Meek, but at that time I didn't really know who he was and what song that was. After a while of people mentioning it and comparing me to Joe Meek and this song Telstar, I decided to listen...

3. Delia Derbyshire | Doctor Who (The Original Theme)
In a time where Electronic Music was brand new and Experimental, this woman made this theme. To this day the Doctor Who theme is still seen as one of the biggest theme songs out there. Worth mentioning also is that it was one of the first ladies in Electronic Music and no synthesizers were involved (only made with organic sounds).

4. Audrey Hepburn | Moon River (Breakfast At Tiffany's Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
A very special song, a theme song for the movie where Audrey Hepburn was featured in, called Breakfast At Tiffany's.

5. Vangelis | Missing (Missing Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Just feel it...

6. Wendy Carlos | Title Music From A Clockwork Orange (Electronic Transcription Of Henry Purcell's Music For The Funeral Of Queen Mary) (A Clockwork Orange Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This composition is originally from Henry Purcell, dated from the 1695. A really nice version this is, combined with a good movie.

7. Jeroen Tel | Myth (Myth: History In The Making Original Soundtrack)
A true legend of the Video Game (Music) Industry. I just came to meet him online recently... It was a real honour and became friends.

8. Ekseption | Drawbars 
Rick Van Der Linden, great keyboardist, who can be seen as the Dutch Keith Emerson, but he was more than that.

9. Elvis Presley | The Wonder Of You 
Elvis had many great songs and people don't see this coming from me, but this song is best to my liking.

10. Giorgio Moroder | The Legend Of Babel (Metropolis Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Giorgio Moroder is definitely counted as one of the pioneers of Electronic Music. He has done many great songs, but this one is my favourite.