WARMER MIXTAPES #5 | by Joachim Willumsen

1. Eggstone | Still All Stands Still
This song is pure joy, happiness and summer for me. In school me and my friends were the music outsiders who listened to indie music instead of the radio shit, and this song kind of helped me finding my personality.

2. Silverbullit | Joy
I love the monotone drums and bass in this song, and the organ is absolutely fantastic, I got the Silverbullit album with this song on for Christmas just after mom and dad got divorced, and I recall myself lying on my bed listening to this song and I could here mom and dad arguing about everything in the room next to mine, so I was listening to it and I was dreaming of Joy in my life.

3. The Motorhomes | Into The Night
This song influenced me in many ways, it was the bands first single. I saw them in a small venue and when they played it live I got goosebumbs all over my body, I remember it so well. I learned it on guitar and tried to sound just like the singer. This song proves that a great song could be a simple song.

4. Massive Attack | Teardrop (with Elizabeth Fraser)
Well, what can I say, everytime I listen to this song it takes me to another universe, listening to it makes me feel weightless. Also here I love the monotone drums beating on like an old clock and the vocals are magnificent.

5. Oasis | Wonderwall
It feels like a cliché to mention this song here, but I don't care. I wanna claim that it is the best song of all times, I mean, it doesn't matter where you are in the world, if you put it on everyone could sing along and every guitarist in the world can play those four magical chords. Liam's voice is so edgy and cool, and the drumfills gives the song a great groove. It makes you feel like a rock'n'roll star just listening to it and it has made me the main event on many parties, haha.

6. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives | Firmanent Vacation (A Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
Sweden's finest rock band delivering a song filled with very nice psychedelic slide guitar melodies and a vocals to die for. I always listen to this song when I drive and sing along, when I check the speedometer I always drive too fast when I listen to this song, haha. It has that effect on me.

7. Midnight Choir | October 8
I don't think so many people have heard this song but I absolutely love it. It's a slow emotional song I put on when the fall starts to make everything grey and rainy outside. I remember first time I was listening to it, my friend Tom Skantze played it to me when we were on vacation in a little town called Lysekil on the westcoast of Sweden. We stayed in the apartment the whole day listening to it and it was rainy outside, the raindrops hitting the ground became a part of the song in a nice way. The vocals are amazing, the singer has a very deep and powerful voice that makes me really believe him when he sings. It also has a great guitar solo that makes it one of the best songs I know.

8. Pink Floyd | Wish You Were Here
This is an epic song. My grandfather passed away a couple of years ago and I wanted to do something on his funeral to make him proud, wherever he was, so I decided to play this song, and I have never been so nervous in my whole life, I had a sore throat so I thought it was going to sound bad but I did the best performance of my life. I'm sure he was proud of me. I saw people crying in the church when I sang afterwords I did it too. It sure is a very emotional song with only one verse and one chorus and nice guitar playing.

9. The Beatles | I Am The Walrus
This song is a very cool song with psychedelic almost weird lyrics about everything and nothing. When me and my friends went skiing in Hemsedal in Norway we brought a guitar and we were playing and singing this song on the bus over and over again so loud almost screaming until the other people on the bus told us we had to quit or they'd throw us off the bus. John Lennon's voice gives me chills down the spine and it is The Beatles best song in my opinion.

10. Bruce Springsteen | I'm On Fire
I'd like to describe this song as The Best Love Song Ever Written, I would love to have written it myself. The lyrics I can take you higher, oh I'm on fire is so beautiful. I realized I love monotone drums writing this list and the drums in this song is very good.