WARMER MIXTAPES #6 | by Robin Livehed [Lajven]

1. Bob Dylan | I & I
These masterpieces makes me think of throwing my guitar and enter a temple or something, to find out how somebody can be such a great musician and composer. He has such an attitude in this song, and clarity, like he always have of what's important or not in the life. His voice makes me shiver with excitement and pride of what he is able to sing out. The title comes from the most read book in the world, under his religious period, which I think is his best period of Dylan. For me this must be one of the best songs he has ever made. Impressive straight drumbeat from Terry Williams and Mark Knopfler on leadguitars doesn't make this song much worse.

2. Bob Dylan | Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
Such a great old production, dirty electric guitar and delightful rhythm threw the whole song. I'm like laughing everytime I listening to this song...Such genius...His fascinating lyrics are as clear as a leopard-skin pill-box hat. He is Dylan, I can write a book about why I like him...

3. Keane | Lovers Are Losing
I love this trio, always haved. I love Tom Chaplin's voice, always haved. Can't reduce any of my love for Keane, this song must be on my list. I'm not that old, but I've growned up with Keane from their start and I like much of their art and their musical talent inspires me. This song is something special for me, how it's constructed and its wonderful parts. Just a damned great alternative rock song that makes me feel sympathy.

4. Morrissey | There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
Good old pop songs made me write my own music. This one is a rescue in all fields. This song expose feelings and contempt of loneliness. It's a story in itself and a musical experience. I have always a good sad feeling when I listen this song. Morrissey is absolutely one of my favourite songwriters and artists.

5. The Strokes | On The Other Side
My favorite song of one of America's best rock bands I can tell! This is what I think is a real rock band, great live band and unique vocalist. I'm falling in love in this kind of sound and On The Other Side is so perfect in all ways. I'm in love with their concert at Hultsfred Festival '06. I love myself for loving them.

6. Animasola | Tainted
This five men alternative pop/rock band is an unpolished diamond from my home town. You can hear influences of U2 and Coldplay. I love hearing such desperation and compassion when the leadsinger Kristoffer sings like It takes so much effort to open up your heart. I love the Aminasola sound, great riffs, melodies and the lovely singing voice is so honestly in itself. Tainted speaks for the whole band I think and the delay-guitar-intro is one of my favourite rock intros.

7. John Barry | Dances With Wolves
This piece comes from my favorite film in all categories with the same title. It's brilliant and I can't find so much words that tells the message in this piece better than itself. If I concentrate myself listening to this piece, I will cry...The master John Barry is portraying love and war, sadness and hope in one unique moment.

8. Babyshambles | Albion
Peter Doherty is a fascinating musician and a poet and I like all of his music. In Albion he describes his love for his country and it's so groovy with his calm voice and the factual explanation of the easy and natural way to live. The daily round for an english musician I think.
Well, all of it makes this song wonderful and Doherty-special and my ears just loves it.

9. The Concretes | Chico
I have a special feeling for this sweet song. I like those small complaining noices, and the violin in the background of the clear orchestra that doesnt't take over. But the innocent voice of Victoria Bergsman does respond my love everytime she's open her mouth.

10. The Clash | Bankrobber
Bankrobber is a specialty from The Clash. It's so pure, and it smells reggae, which I like a lot in this song. The intrumental beat is magnificent controlled by a nice basscoil. I love the mix of the dark choral singing melody in the background and Joe Strummer's lovely way to sing. I think it's on of my favorites songs ever and the tale in this song is a nice break in routine.